Hi everyone I wanted to join here because I have just bought a 2001 Honda VTR...

Hi everyone! I wanted to join here because I have just bought a 2001 Honda VTR Firestorm 1000 on saturday and have not have a bike since 1994 I had a honda H 100S mark 2 when I used it for work.I always wanted a bigger bike and this bike I am very happy with but I am also afraid of it! I welcome any tips,I will put up pictures as soon as I get it out of my friends garage and bring it home.

  • im in the highland of scotland inverness well thats true but born east london leyton e10. bike nos its way lol

  • time is a great learning curve james enjoye my friend there is no hurry. it will come to u in time like front wheele wheeles oups stopies all. takes time one day try a gsxr 1000 k1 to a k8. its mental

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  • I am in south east Ireland

  • i dun the celtic f1sidecar there with my team

  • im on my way over in algust for the ulster grand prix lol

  • Acceleration is deceptive cos it doesn't need to be revved hard to make it take off, watch out for that until you get used to it. Back in '97 when the VTR first came out (not in a gay way) it was said to be the fastest standard production bike 0-60mph.

  • whoa! Going to work on my bike tomorrow now instead,that cam chain tensioner is on the list too tomorrow,another friend of mine gave me 10w40 oil and platium plugs,I see 10w30 oil is the oil listed on his shop computer but he says thats what every one uses 10w40 in them,the plugs he sold me are NGK DPR9EIX-9 5545

  • my friend with the shop has a vtr also,its sold now,but he had it in mondelo park and doing the track day racing with it and he was telling about all the very fast bikes that he left sitting.

  • he was amazed with it,it was a bike that he had taken in as a trade in as he sells bikes,his brother inlaw has bought it from him and they are putting all the road gear back on to it now after it is painted as it was a track day bike.