Hi everyone just a quick question This is the mileage on my my 2011 mark one...


Hi everyone, just a quick question, This is the mileage on my my 2011 mark one biffer which I have owned from nearly new...am I working to much and not riding enough?

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  • In fact....you sure you aren't a closet Harley owner Brian? ......Just joking mate, I will now go and wash my mouth out with soap for saying such a thing.....

  • Had my 08 4 years, 44k on clock now and still going strong , will be over 50k this year ☺

  • Got Rosie in June new got 6000 on her

  • Clocked up 11000 on my 2010 model yesterday, its quality not quantity that counts.

  • Neglected ladies !

  • I bought my 08 biffer with 14000 km in 2014. About 40000 km right now and enjoyed every single km

  • 2009 and 60k km on my Black MKI. Maybe you should ride instead of cleaning and polyshing all weekend.

  • Ok it looks like I must make more time for rides out.

  • Karl nothing wrong with a nice clean bike but I seen to find time to work and forget to make time for riding my bike.

  • I think I've got bike OCD, three hours to wash and dry mine yesterday, did pop out for a ride after though.

  • I would love to find 3 hours somewhere in a day to clean the bike!!! Mine is filthy and not looking good I must throw a bucket of water over it for the MOT

  • For sure, nice looking bike is fine. I am allready working on my wife to include bike wash in house work. Include it to street and Garden work for our son would be also ok. Til today neather my wife, nore our son is open to my arguments.

  • If I suggested that to my wife I would be sleeping in the garage with my bike and my son spends to much time riding his bike to even think about cleaning my bike.lol