Hi everyone This is my first season of riding I have an 03 Spirit I m...

Hi everyone. This is my first season of riding. I have an '03 Spirit. I'm wanting to buy a windshield. After looking, I see there are several different sizes. Is there any way of measuring to see what size I need?

  • I also have an 03 spirit. ......and it's my first riding season :) I don't have a windshield.....but am wondering what options are also

  • Frank is right. Memphis shades fairing with a 9" shield is what I got for mine.

  • I put it on my wifes 02 spirit, she loves it

  • As Francisco and Tracy are saying. Memphis Shades is an option. I just bought one myself. However I was a little bit disappointed with the total cost when it's all said and done. Just south of $300 for the fairing alone. Add $140 for the mounting kit and a good $70 plus for the actual windshield. They look good and serve the purpose but they are pricy.

  • Off topic, but Laura Mitchell, I have the exact same model Spirit as you, 2003, purple flame. Can you tell me the make and model of the hard bags on your bike?

  • Thanks everyone!

  • I went the cheep route. I bought the fairing from MS, but I got the mounting kit and windshield from ebay. It all adds up !!

  • I don't have the bags anymore sorry

  • And I can't remember the name of them sorry

  • National Windshields