Hi folks been looking at the Leovince sports exhaust as they make one to fit...

Hi folks been looking at the Leovince sports exhaust as they make one to fit the forza now at £230 I'm guessing it will make very difference in bhp but sounds and looks good! Anyone out there got one fitted and Is it worth it? Thanks

  • Was wondering the same myself, quite like the look of the Malossi aswel. Would like the akra but it's a bit too expensive lol

  • Where can we get the Leo Vince?

  • E bay and google it's made to fit the forza

  • Save a little longer and get the Akra

  • I do have it and it's much more noisy than the akra. Excellent deal and great performance. I also have all the kit malossi

  • You have the Leo or the Malossi?

  • Vario kit.... : Malossi

    And for the exhaust : Leovince

  • How is the variator have you noticed much difference

  • There is a video on YouTube of my forza equiped with Leovince

  • I've changed the variator right after 1500km so you know we cannot drive as we want the first 1000km and I did not drive enough miles with the factory exhaust to really know the difference.

    When I'm at 115 km/h (maximum speed), I'm turning at 8.5 tour per seconde on the screen.

    And instead refiling gaz every 450 km, now it's every 320/350km.

    Also I have to change it every 4000km instead of 10000km with the factory one.

    It' s a little bit more agressive.

    I think if you want drive very agressive, the best is the Costa

  • A uk dealer called ve-Uk

  • Thanks, Matthew. Is this something I can fit myself or should I book to get it fitted?

  • Is there any more power there Castor ?

  • An easy fit Sharon looking at it! Mind you I've said this before and turned out different lol

  • I had the Leo Vince on my S-Wing so enquired to the distributors about more info on it for the Forza toward the end of last year. They answered my email a few days later and said that it was unlikely to make any difference - and these were the UK distributors!! (NB: The Leo Vince worked well on the S-Wing along with the Dr Pulley sliders, in fact when I took them both off and rode the S-Wing to the dealer for trade in for the Forza, it became apparent at how slow the S-Wing felt with them removed.)

  • Yes but not huge.

    Like I said, at 115km/h, I'm tourning at 8,5 t/s. So I don't exactly know the t/s with factory variator, but do the test at 115km/h (Max Speed) and look your t/s to know the difference

  • Unlikely to make a difference in what? Bhp?

  • I do not know about Sliders but in my view a louder exhaust is what it is, louder and that is it.

  • Yeah, on a small capacity engine it's unlikely to make too much difference unless it was a really high revving screamer

  • David Fletcher Spot on David !!

  • ...and of course, it will only make an improvement if there is a restriction there in the first place.

  • I've sent them an email because the website won't let me buy it