hi folks just going to put bike in for new barrings in back wheel and new...


hi folks just going to put bike in for new barrings in back wheel and new sprokets..chain is 75 quid as i asked for a good heavy duty one..does any one know why i nead to do this twice in 3months..its costing me 150 every time..its doing my nut in..

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  • Karl Waldron knows

  • what do u think lads..

  • Mark what do you have to do every 3months? Chain and sprocket or bearings

  • Karl Waldron is Mr Grom,

  • Karl Waldron every thing bud..bearings ..sprockets and chain..all in past 3 months ..this is second time..im puting on a stronger chain and difrent sprockets on to see if make diff..

  • Mark bearings is normally the spacer in the wheel is the wrong size which causes issues with the bearings.... Chain and sprocket I could only put down to being the wrong chain Lube! I've done 6k on one of my chains

  • 6k on a chain?? Is that it?

    I'm expecting to get 20k out of mine.

  • Christopher good on ya if you can get to 20k on a 420 non oring chain

  • Is that the standard chain?

    I'm just comparing miles in comparison to other bikes... or is it apples vs oranges?

  • Christopher the main engine bearings on an Msx last 28k most of these chains are screwed in 3-4K lol the standard chains are did but don't have orings like bike bikes and are thin which means they wear out 10x quicker

  • Holy shit, didn't know that.

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep em checked and oiled ;)

  • Christopher motul c4 chain Lube I found is brilliant on all chains

  • Cheers Bro, just brought some.


  • I always swore by the wurth stuff - zero chain fling