Hi gents


Hi gents.

My 1980 cub is still having troubles.

The indicators blink "most" of the time. When they work, the indicator light on spedo works. When it soesnt there is no light or flashing.

Also at idle the bike runs ok, if i switch the lights on, it will stall the bike. Aslo if i touch the brake (which in turn activates the brake light) it will stall the engine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Sounds like an earthing problem check for a loose connection or cable.

  • Definitely an earth problem.

    Mine was doing all sorts of weird shit.

    I would start where the all the wires come down around the gooseneck.

    Mine had 6 broken wires.

  • Has it just been repainted? This can cause bad earth

  • It hasnt been repainted.

  • From gooseneck do u mean from under the speedo area?

  • There apparently was a few bad wires under the speedo, but thought they had gotton fixed?

  • Yes where is steers and always bends wires. This is common

  • Exactly.

  • They were cut inside the sheath.

    I just cut and a new wire in each one.

  • Thats a lot easier on a 110 then a 90 cub. The cub bats are fully enclosed so have to be pulled apart. Bit of stuffing around but will b worth it!

  • I think it will be.

    You have to start somewhere.

    Nothin better than fixing it yourself, and it all works well.

  • May not be good when i stuff it up tho haha

  • Ha ha.