Hi guys

Hi guys!!

I have a CBF 1000cmc from 2014 and i want to replace the tyres:

i was look at Michellin pilot road 4.... any good??

The rear is 160/60/17 can i fit a bit wider like 170??

will affect anything??


  • will do everything possible not to pay off.............

  • I tried a 180 wouldn't fit without cutting the hugger so stuck with same I have Bridgestone 023 find them great in wet and dry

  • Don't go bigger. Definitely not recommended.

  • Metzeler m5

  • Pr4 s for me

  • Bridgestone Batlax BT 023 or Metzeler Roadtec 01

    I've had RP4s before and I didn't like them ... profile of the tyre makes cornering nonlinear and they square off much quicker than Metzlers or bridgestones.

    I love Batlax although they are not great in wet but Mezlers are as good (if not better) in dry and excellent in wet too.

  • I will think about.....

    It's hard to make a decision...

  • I can imagine, I am currently thinking whether to get a new set of Battlax or go for Metzlers.

  • I recently bought a set of PR4 and will install in spring. Looking forward to it.

  • They do square of but nearly 6000 miles out of back tyre n great in the wet ! They will do me

  • Duggie Heminsley , it is more handling that I wasn't impressed with. That unsettling non-linear cornering bothered me most. Squared-off tyre doesn't help in handling either. All depends on what type of riding they are used for.

    I tend to use my bike at a rate of 70/30 commute to fun riding. When I mean fun riding it means really using those tyres from side to side.

    I've spoken to many riders and some of them lover RP4s but others had exact same reservations about those tyres. All matter of personal preferences.

    Tyres are often called shoes or boots for a reason - it is personal fit that matters.

  • Sebastian Trebaczkiewicz yep it's a personal choice were I stay we get a lot of rain and they do give you confidence in wet and don't have an issue in dry , maybe my riding style

  • Duggie Heminsley I agree completely that they are unbeatable in wet.

  • 1st, it's most probably illegal. 2nd, if you want to make it legal, you'll need a proper wheel which is suitable for bigger tire. Rear hornet wheel is a direct fit and it goes with 180 tire.

    And yes, putting wrong tire on unsuitable rim causes all kinds of handling and safety issues.

  • On my second set of PR4s, brilliant wet weather grip tyres.