Hi Guys


Hi Guys,

Just a quick video of what happened on my way home from work, the video doesnt make it look as bad as it is. I only just caught my bike, if you look how close the car behind me is and what the RPM's reach mid-slide i was lucky! Phew...

also seen around 40 cyclists hogging the road with no licence plates, the usual. Just had a mess around with editing features. Would love to come and film some meet-ups around Manchester holla guys!

Helmet: AGV Guy Martin.

Helmet Cam: Drift Ghost S

Onboard cam: Drift stealth 2

Helmet Mic: Drift external.

Cheers Guys!


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  • Dean Sidlow I thought the same this afternoon

  • Both are true Scott!

    Let's put it this way. I have ridden bigger bikes for 13+ years and yet the tyres on the Grom scared me so bad I changed them soon after my first wet ride.

    They make a 9hp bike slip n slide like my fireblade did on pilot road tyres.

  • wow I'm surprised you kept that one up, I've learnt the hard way twice that fee rubbers are shit and still haven't changed them. would have put it on my YT (thegromitier) #shamelessplug :P but all i had was a black video as this was before I got my drift


  • I took my MX none waterproofs out due to it being sunny, next thing you know they get pissed wet through and nobody likes a soggy glove

  • I don't mean to sound like a dick, but you might want to do a few more lifesavers here and there as well :) Other than that, really pleased you didn't drop your pride and joy, horrible feeling when you think it's going :(

  • Pavement hopping tut-tut

  • How does the Stealth compare to the Ghost in terms of ease of use / footage quality / supported memory size?

  • Comparing the stealth and ghost, the stealth is half the size of the ghost, the image capturing quality I would say is the same. But the field of view is very different, the ghosts is very wide due to a bigger lens, where as the stealths is smaller. You can't use a external mic with the stealth 2 which is the worst downside. Ease of use, the stealth is a lot more simple, the interface is really basic and easy to understand.

    The ghosts interface is more advanced + their is an LCD screen for camera positioning and playback whilst out and about.

    Battery life, the ghost last around 1 hour longer than the stealth 2.

    I use 32GB sandisk cards, they both last longer than the battery life on the cameras.

    Ghost also has removable battery so you could carry two. The stealth has one internal battery.

  • turning in the wet on tyres you know are poor on the white markings is asking for trouble, as i not wearing gloves.