Hi Guys

Hi Guys,

Thinking about some mods for the Grom. Been looking at Full Exhausts. Is a power commander and wide band worth it? I'd probably change the air filter and do the air box mod too.

  • Not needed until you're changing at least the cam.

  • It's a wide band ting. I was running mine on just a exhaust. But only as I had BBK cam etc planned. So didn't have to mess with it when I came to build the BBK

  • Ok so I can do the air box mod with better filter and full exhaust without needing the Power Commander? I read about the bikes running lean and the engines going bad after a while (around 30k miles)

  • If you want more noise, fit an exhaust and air box mod. These will give marginal gains, you are unlikely to actually notice a difference except the noise.

    If you want more power, add at least a cam and fuel controller, then start looking at big bore.

    Not really sure where air filters fit in that schedule, as I never bothered.

  • Ok great. Some stuff to think about.

  • Bikes are generally set up on a generic map the point of a power commander is to Smooth the power out and most of the time give you a increase a pc is useful be it stand alone or put with mods imo worth doing if keeping the bike

  • There will be a benefit sure, but whether it's £500 worth on a bike with stock cc and cam... Well, I would take some convincing.

  • Jesus is that how much pc are for groms, mine was around 150 for my gsxr

  • This is why I'm asking. The cost seems really high but some people said it's worth it

  • If you want it, better get it from hard racing as they supply it with enriched closed loop. Other suppliers don't. So thats $570 plus shipping and import, £500 easy.no clue on price in UK never looked.

    http://store.hardracing.com/ca rt.php?target=category&categor y_id=2476

  • Easier and cheaper option is takegawa ficon2, cam, takegawa filter. You can then add taki bbk later if you want. But as I've learned the hard way, don't get your ficon wet.

  • Thanks for the info. I've seen the PCV is quite expensive. I may just ride it stock and trade in when I've passed my test.

  • If your choice is spend a load of money on Msx to not really go any faster, or save for your test... Only one smart choice

  • I've inboxed you

  • Yeah I was leaning that way before. This just reinforced that.