hi guys anyone have decatalised the bike without any remaps


hi guys anyone have decatalised the bike without any remaps??

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  • i dont like to mess with electronics..thank you guys.. i tought that there is a decat without any mods

  • You can do. I ran mine without remap. Wasn't too bad. Only noticed it when around 4k revs and thru town. Most of the time I was way above that rev range. Sounded amazing with out

  • ineterestingg...i try to find the ones that arent that straight

  • The 02 eliminator sorts that out there easy to fit and only £20

  • I've owned 2 cb1000s and decated both one had a Leo vince pipe the other a mivv pipe both were a bit crappy around 4K but the 02 eliminator made the bikes run smoother and sorts it out. All they do is trick the ecu that it running at a different temperature

  • thats great Guy Whattam thank you for your help :D

  • Well worth trying on your bike easy to fit and makes a great difference

  • that will do the trick??

  • Yes that's what I bought for mine just unplug lamba sensor and fit it.top tip take your right foot peg off makes it so much easier to get to

  • great i will order it :D

  • Good stuff glad I could help you out

  • thank you very much..my dragon will scream more soon

  • Will sound so much better too

  • I've run a Leo Vince decat with an Akra end can - its much louder but does not run anywhere as smoothly as stock - no way - it runs ok but is not refined and is not likely set up to give extra power - I ran the o2 eliminator - this bypasses the sensor loop for air/fuel and causes the FI to overfuel - it's a bodge to butter in gaps in fuelling (but it isn't a fix for all rev points or air fuel ratio scenarios) - the only way to set the bike up properly is at the least with a PCV and a nearest match off the shelf map - or a Dyno and set up / custom mapping - people do run with a decat and are happy with what they are given, but your bike underneath is not running 'ok' and weak mixtures at certain points can over the life of the bike, damage it ..but ...if you only do 3k a year I wouldn't worry ....

  • ive never had any problems with mine my last bike ran for years with no problems

  • Exactly

  • that's fine - bikes can and will run - if you want it right though there's a way - the damage being done is small but incremental and most likely manifests itself at higher mileages ... in effect you get the decibels and the fun but at some future point the pistons and cylinder head might end up damaged .... to honest though I think most bikes these days end up crashed or trashed before they even get up to 40-50k miles....!

  • Mines only got 4K on the clock so should be fine for a good while yet LOL

  • Either way can be costly, if you're going to do a job though do it right! False economy, leave standard until you can afford to do a good job, don't cut corners.

  • The key thing here though is it just adds LOUD and might actually be slower in parts !

  • Never go by someone else's bike or intuitions, do they know what they are saying? Do your own research and find something you really want and bikes are meant to be loud.....