Hi guys anyone on here wanna sell me there standard front indicators Bike got...


Hi guys... anyone on here wanna sell me there standard front indicators? Bike got dropped and bust an indicator.. but honda trying to charge me £47 just for 1!! would be doing a big favour :)

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  • Send me a message

  • Honda use the same indicators on loads of bikes, you can find them cheap on ebay by searching for honda indicator under motorcycle parts and accessories

  • I've also got stock UK front I can give you Fay Logan. Just cover my postage and I'll be happy. Help and help a-like.

  • Ok Gavin Davies... how would i go about this? :D ur a star!!

  • when I've found them out tonight and packed/weighed them, I'll pm you my email. If you send the postage 'as a gift' so no charges, I'll get them out first class asap. There's then a slim chance you'll get them for Saturday.

  • Perfect!!! Your a wee gem!! :)

  • Talk about help a brother out! People did the same for me when I broke mine #MSXfamily

  • Where you based Fay?

  • I stay in Edinburgh Scotland :)

  • I aint gonna courier them then :P I'll find them after tea. PM me your address