• Hi guys can anyone help me out i am getting oil in the R H engine case on my...

    Hi guys ! can anyone help me out ?i am getting oil in the R/H engine case on my 77 i think 1 or both of the oil seals have gone can anyone tell me with where i can get them from please. Part numbers 91205-259-000 & 91203-259-000

    • You can change the one behind the drive sprocket, the one on the kickstart shaft and the one in the starter clutch unit but I don't think you can change the front main bearing seal without stripping the engine. The seals I mentioned can be obtained from Simply Bearings online.

    • thats gr8 thank you Martyn i think it is just the 1 behind the sprocket & the little 1 at the end of the shaft i hope !

    • You can change the one on the crank without stripping but it can be tricky. I oil first and slowly and gently work it in with a large punch so as not to distort. best ordering a whole set . http://scramblercycle.highwire .com/product/honda-cb72-cb77-s uperhawk-ca72-ca77-dream-engin e-oil-seal-set-new-repro