Hi guys I need your help

Hi guys, I need your help.

Today I removed all rear panels, together with grab rails, center cowl and rear fender, to the bare frame. I had to fix license plate on the fender, with new plate light etc. I put everything back and it looks good, except one issue - I have two spare bolts o.O At first glance they look like center cowl bolts, have the same size, but cowl is fixed with allen screws, and those I have are philips. What worse, I'm not even sure if those bolts are for CBF1000, because I just dropped all bolts to the box, and there could be some another screws, from another bike :/ Yes, I know... Anyway, please take a look - do you recognize those bolts? They are almost 2cm long and has graphite/greenish shade, not quite black.