• Hi guys i was thinking about buying a cruiser but I ve never driven before what...

    Hi guys i was thinking about buying a cruiser but I've never driven before, what do you think is the best bike for me ? I was thinking about a honda shadow phantom so what do you think ?

    • While a good ride, I would look into getting something used. Make sure you want to ride first. There are great deals out there on 750 cc Shadow Spirits, Aces, etc. 750 cc is a great place to start, either way.

    • Isn't a 750 is a big bike for a beginner

    • You don't want to go small, find out you love riding, only to discover after a few months, you wish you had something bigger. Plus, if you ever want to add a passenger, a 750 cc would be the smallest you would want to go. If you learn right and respect the bike...no bike is too big.

    • Lol I'm kinda medium hight man and i want something i can control easily first i was thinking abou a 250 or 400

    • And i want it to be forgiven as a beginner i can make mistakes

    • I am 5'3" and I ride a VT1100C Shadow.

    • A small bike will get you in more trouble than a big one. No power to get out of a situation, etc. Trust me...Been riding for over 40 years and sold bikes to beginners for over 20 years. It's always going to be your choice, in the end. Just giving you my 2 cents :-)

    • Thanks a lot man i really appreciate it

    • Anytime I can help a future rider :-)

    • I started on an 1100

    • My other half was 5-1 and rode my 1100 Aero.

    • I got a 400 with about the same thoughts in mind and within 6 months I had sized up to a 600 and again to an 1100. 400 was fine at first but within weeks I wanted bigger, the 600 was a shadow lasted months before I wanted bigger, but once I got my ass on a shadow I fell in love with shadows.

    • In the UK you can't ride anything over a 125 until you have passed your test

      I bought a marauder 125 to keep for about 12 - 18 months to get experience etc ...........it lasted 6 weeks and I bought my 750 shadow and got my test passed

      Mark D. Simmers is right need the power to get out of situations when needed

    • I thinl ima go with the big bike now

    • But what do you think about s phantom 750

    • 750s would be a great starter bike I think.... that's what I got and it's so easy to ride...

    • Nice bike man

    • 750 shadow spirit first bike at 50 I'm 5 11 220 pounds and i love it

    • I'm thinking about a phantom but looks like ima get 750

    • I wanted a new bike a Harley but they were 10000 for the base model so I went to the Honda dealer and got the spirit for about 8000 much nicer for the money,I added pipes last week it's fast enough for me

    • It's pretty cool but i prefer phantoms with all black paint it's so badass

    • I understand us old guys like chrome!

    • 07 aero 750 is my first bike. I ride my buddy's 84 honda sabre 700 v4 sometimes and id rather take my shadow. I sit lower to the ground and I'm glad i bought it.

    • You guys are classy

    • Thank you sir!

    • I guess everybody started on a 750 then

    • You're welcome

    • Go for the phantom bro, you'd love it..

      I started with the Aero 750cc and as you thought, it's too much, but then after few months of riding everyday I want a bigger engine..

      750 is not too big for cruiser bikes.

    • I only started last September, now I am going nuts with riding.. hehe

    • Taking my course in April, just bought my first bike a 99 750 ACE. I've rode it about 10 times (it's cold here in MA haha), and it's not to powerful or under powered yet. I came from 0, never even been on a dirt bike.

    • Dont get a 600cc class cruiser.

      Start at 750.

      600 youll be tired of in a months time.

    • I got an 1100 shadow spirit(first bike) I'm 5'9.. scared myself at the last minute before picking up the brand new bike... talked myself into a used 750 shadow.. my salesman set me straight. said IF you get the 750 with less power and no warranty, you will be in here again in a couple months trading up one way or another.. I took his advice and got the 1100. only bike I will ever want. I ride with a bunch of harley guys and an indian (brother in law) and they ALL say they had a shadow and NEVER needed anything. their harleys are always in the shop.. and as for my warranty, it was 5 years and it needed the speedo cable replaced about 20k miles.. good luck, brother, ride safe

    • Go take the basic riders course first and depending on your size is what you should buy.

    • My 1st bike was the Suzuki intruder 800. It was used but an awesome bike. Bought it to learn on. Something i didn't mind dropping if it fell. Light weight, so stopping and handling was easier to learn.. 3 months later i sold it and bought my honda shadow spirit 1100.. Honestly i am glad i chose a light weight to learn on. But in all honesty you'll probably end up wanting a bigger or more powerful bike. Especially for 2up riding, trips and such.