• Hi guys iv got a bit of an issue and want a bit of an expert opinion before I...

    Hi guys, iv got a bit of an issue and want a bit of an expert opinion before I buy a new battery lol, my bike starts every morning without fail I ride her 7 miles to work, stop at shop just down the road from my work and when I get back on her she won't start? it's as so as the battery is dead, can't find any lose connections or wiring.

    What has me stumped is she starts first time every time in the mornings but then won't start if I stop and turn the engine off and she's a bitch to bump start, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    • Sounds like a bad stator/rectifier.

      Could be a bad cell in the battery.

      Could be a short somewhere.

      What year is the bike? How many miles?

    • 04 and 18800k ish

    • Stator and rectifier finally went out. You can test this with a voltmeter on the terminals of the battery while running, should get 13-14v, peak at no more than 14.5 maybe 15v.

    • Ok il try that thanks mate

    • Suggest you take it out for a decent run. Short stop start journeys kill a battery

    • If you start the bike put the lights on and rev it.. if the lights don't brighten its likely a rectifier.. full proof will be when it finally dies due to the battery not receiving charge.. the short journeys aren't helping especially if you have an alarm fitted ..atb

    • No alarm fitted not yet anyway

    • if you do put an alarm on .. make sure you buy a good battery conditioner/charger

    • Rectifier

    • Does it turn over or is it completely dead?

    • Shes completely dead when I turn her off and try to start her again the time resets and so does my mileage

    • Mine would turn over but have a hard time starting. I got a battery tender and gave it a full charge and its been good since. Your issue is different than mine.