Hi guys just to ask where can I source for the rear seat cover


Hi guys, just to ask where can I source for the rear seat cover?

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  • Honda itself.

  • Do you have its part number?

  • Have a look on the CB1000R forum, they come up for sale on there.

  • Do you need an original rear seat?? I've one that's never been on my bike it's like brand new

  • I still have the seat but interested in the cover better looking

  • Ok, I'll browse through

  • Ok buddy

  • What colour Jon?

  • Hmmm mine original Matt white base

  • Thanks again

  • Recovered mine with black and white leather. I really like it and it is not slippy like the original.

    Found the covers on eBay but they were quite tricky to fit.

  • How does it work? Just go over the original? Could you provide me the link

  • You could put it over the original but I took mine off. Use a staple gun to attach it to the underneath of the two seat pieces. Would not cost much to get a local upholsterer to fit it for you as I say it was quite tricky. Will have a look for the link but it was a couple of years ago

  • Here is the link for the front part http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/BLACK-WHITE-CUSTOM-FITS-HO NDA-CB-1000-R-08-13-FRONT-RIDER-SEAT-COVER-/231163 252366?nav=SEARCH

    You should be able to find the back one from there

  • The white is nice, trying to piece the image if it integrate w mine perfectly

  • No it is fine, just apply some neutral Polish or nikwax every now and again