Hi guys last weekend I bought a mk1 CBF 1000 and as a proper Dutchman it is...


Hi guys, last weekend I bought a mk1 CBF 1000, and as a proper Dutchman it is orange of course. On my way home at the highway (+120 km/h), I noticed quite some buffeting (I am 1.82m / 5'11"), which was rather exhausting at a 2.5hrs trip. I am now looking at aftermarket windshields to prevent this. However, all reviews are really mixed. Which solution (givi, MRA vario, palmer brackets) is generally considered the best solution? Noise is not really important, since I have hearing protection.

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  • I tried the Givi screen and it didn't work. Too much buffeting.

  • What you need is something which can flow air UNDER the screen to reduce the swirling. So, either holes in the screen (like MRA) or rake the screen back using washers under the screws to provide air flow (and a venturi effect). Both work for me.

  • Επίσης φίλε κάτι άλλο. Εγώ φοραγα την μεγάλη ζελατίνα Καππα και την έβγαλα και έβαλα την μαμά άκου γιατί. Η ζελατίνα βιδονεται πάνω σε λαστιχοβιδες οι οποίες βρίσκονται πίσω από τα μούτρα την μηχανής στην βάση φαιρινκ. Επειδή λοιπόν η αντίσταση του αέρα ήταν πολύ μεγάλη λόγο της μεγάλης ζελατινας οι λαστιχοβιδες αυτές κοβωντουσαν και για να αλλάζουν πρέπει να ξηλωσεις τα μούτρα της μηχανής

  • Madass mounting brackets with giving x screen. Perfect

  • Nice colour, same as mine

  • I'm 5' 11" and I've found the MRA X Creen to be brilliant at motorway speeds, I also like the fact that the extension part can be lowered and placed fairly close to the main screen when travelling around town.

  • Sean Kelly that looks like a very good option to me! Do I see correctly that you replaced the original Vario Touring spoiler with the new X-creen? Are the old and new spoiler interchangable?

  • Honda standard fine.. but we have different needs ...ride safe

  • nice colour , mra touring screen had the same problem