• Hi guys new to this site I need some advice My relatives neighbor has a 1985...

    Hi guys new to this site, I need some advice. My relatives neighbor has a 1985 FL350 for sale. It's missing the plastics and the rear brake needs to be repaired. My question is, is $1,000 a good deal? What other repairs should I look out for?

    • Do It!!

    • Damn wish I could find a deal like that in Illinois.

    • Take it!!

    • If for the most part it's complete and starts up then it's a pretty good deal.

    • That seat is Lovely

    • I'll give you $2,000 for it

    • Does it have the right motor in it that would be the only thing that would be a possible deal breaker

    • Gd deal....worth it. Easy turn 1500 plus

    • That's a good deal even if it don't run

    • Buy it if not I will