hi guys quick question why would the bike pull to the right when you release...

hi guys, quick question; why would the bike pull to the right when you release the handlebar at several speeds. i know the bike has no accidents in its history so its not about a damaged/twisted chassis.

  • I'd agree with Peter - Tyre wear.

    Had episodes earlier in the year of bike kind of falling into corners mainly during slower speeds, but front tyre didn't 'look' like it needed replacing. After a while I bit the bullet and had new front tyre put on, problem disappeared instantly...

  • I would check the rear wheel alignment - you may unconsciously correct for it with the handlebars

  • Peter Slattery Andy Brown, guys do you mean one side of the tyre is worn out more than the other side? i got new tyres in feb. and made 2000km s more or less and havent been on a track. that doesnt seem likely about tyre wear?

  • Or it could be a front suspension issue. Did the bike do it with the old tyres?

  • im not sure :( maybe it did but i realised this 1000kms ago, ive been to 2 different mechanics, one said theres nothing wrong it goes straight, the other one said it pulls a bit rigt but thats bormal for cbf1000s. im not convinced, maybe i should ask some regular rider to try my bike its really aggravating

  • It could be the rear wheel alignment.. But I think it would be the tyre or a front fork seal.... Good luck

  • Are you sitting square on the bike? Just followed a rider who was really slouching on the left of his seat, so no doubt the bike wanted to turn left too.

  • hi Ken Dickson, i can swear i sit centrally on the seat but i have to check it with someone else watching me.

  • Hi Omer Harun Sohret how is your front tyre? Does it need replacing as my bike was doing the same particularly under acceleration. All fixed with a new balanced front tyre.

  • hi Greg Pyne my tyres are new, and balance problems usually (as far as i know) comes with vibration, not pulling one side