Hi guys Since my accident the dr has told me not to ride as the position isn t...

Hi guys .. Since my accident the dr has told me not to ride as the position isn't good for my neck .. So I am looking for some spacers to lift my handle bars up 20-25 mm that will take the pressure off

If any one has a link for them please pm me thanks

  • What year is your storm?

    Later model had high bars. Failing that some adjustable Gilles ones

  • I put vfr bars on mine they are about an inch higher than standard ones but don't make that much difference tbh think I'm gonna drill top yokes and put bar clamps on with renthal bars

  • I got some Genmar risers from Amazon they will raise them enough to take the pressure off and you don't need to change any cables or hoses.

  • fit some vtr bars, go to the vtr1000.org forum for details, they're a straight swap, you will have to trim thr top of the fairing slightly for brakes res clearance.

  • 2006 VTR in Australia

  • One of the fellas fitted a conversion kit on his bars cost around £100 and the bars are now pretty straight across.. it will be on the www.vtr1000.org forum in the work shop section :-)

  • i got vfr bars on it! works great,easy fit and just a bit higher and the downwards angle is less than the original ones!can send a pic if you want?!

  • I brought some bar risers to begin with didnt make much difference to comfort , still got pins and needles in my hands after a while i ended up buying a top yoke conversion I brought on eBay for £80 , came with bars . It really transformed the riding position . Soo comfortable , it's like a new bike , love it : )

  • Ive got a topyoke kit from coolncomfy.(topyokes.com)with renthal bars and hel braided cluch and brake lines.very happy with the quality of it although had to trim the screen etc a bit to fit

  • Have fully adjustable Tomaselli bars/risers on my bike. Very comfortable.