Hi guys what s the standard jet size for front and rear carbs

Hi guys what's the standard jet size for front and rear carbs?.

  • 45 pilots, 175 main front 178 main rear, front needle A1UD rear A1UC

  • Thanks Paul if you had read I've got sigma jet kit, and not running right at all. Lost original jets so need to order new ones

  • I have a sigma kit too theyre a pain to get right they arent just plug and play and all vtrs are different. 48 pilots are always a winner though. Do one or other, 48 pilot and go up in mains dont go higher in pilots. Most people fit 48 pilots as the 45s suck

  • Well I've got Dan moto exhausts going to get pipercross air filter (as its cheaper than K&N filter) just want yo know what peoples thoughts on jet sizes

  • Are the 45s the reason it coughs and farts under part throttle? Really annoying for slow riding

  • Apparetly k&ns dont work great on vtrs. No-one can tell you jet sizes as they all act different, usually buy 45-50 pilots and 175-190 mains and trial and error.. you really need to get it on a dyno though

  • Be careful using piper cross filter fitted one to mine and could not get it right changed to a k&n and a lot better but need some dyno time i have been speaking to Jay Morrison who works on the vtrs a lot and he recommends bmc filter and factory pro jet kit i would try and get in touch with him for some more advice if u can

  • Sigma is cheap crap! I've seen many issues with people fitting their kits.

  • Ahh I see jay think its worth putting back to standard.

  • Standard will be a big improvement against a Sigma kit. Fit a new set of #48 pilots when you do. Set front pilot screw at 2.5 turns out on the front carb and 2.25 turns out on the rear. Forget the pipercross filter unless it is a track bike.

  • Ok you know rough price for jets would be?

  • They aren't expensive. I'm in Melbourne, Australia so pricing is different here. Around £8 per jet.

  • Ohh bloody hell few miles away then haha

  • Just a few. Lol :)

  • the best filter outside of a Honda filter, is a Bmc road filter, it flow more air than standard, but less than a k&n, so it's easier to tune