HI i am thinking of buying a crosstourer


HI, i am thinking of buying a crosstourer?

I am looking for people that have this bike and are around 1.67 to 1.69 meter height to see how is their experience with this bike.


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  • Hi im 1.76 and riding with low seat but it can be difficult for you at that height because with low seat im on my foot fingers. This bike is too heavy did you try before ? İf not i advice you a test ride first. Maybe crossrunner is better for you

  • Hello I am

    1.7mt and 85 kgs short legs

  • Hello I'm 1.7 and very very happy with my Crosstourer . 3 Le tour de Langkawi on her

  • ... I guess 90% of all motorbikes in the market are made for people up to 1.75m - the Crosstourer is one of the very few motorbikes designed for riders taller than 180cm - yes, you can lower it and fit a lower seat to get a foot and a half on the ground. Main stand will not work any more as it is too long for the lowered bike etc. ... I am 190cm and guess what: the bike is probably too big for me - I frequently have the impression when I want to push away the handlebar in narrow turns and find that my arms are too short... I would advise you to go for a Multistrada for example - it is way shorter (distance seat to handlebar) than the CT - whenever I am out shopping for a bike I wish I was your size. Do not make the mistake investing in one of the very few motorbikes that are built for the longer ones - I do not think you will be happy in the long run