Hi i have a question Is there any way to see the range km with the current...


Hi, i have a question. Is there any way to see the range (km with the current gas) on dashboard?

Or we can only see the range for the last 50/60km ( when the gas lamp is on)?

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  • No.

  • A Garmin LM 590/595 will give you an estimate, but only based on your average range and your last fuel stop.

  • That was not his question.

  • but a workaround ...

    And if you have the Garmin, you will not look at the dashboard any longer, anyway!

  • more or less. it's very inaccurate.

  • Only for the mileage!

    The speed (gps) is a lot more accurate than the dashboard.

    That is why I prefer it over the dashboard!

  • Well, to be honest, I never trust this remaining km's on the dash. After a while you know the average milage your bike can do with a full tank. So, try to never push it to the limit. The CT is way to heavy to push to the next fuel station. ;-)

  • totally agree, had to do it once :-(

  • Me too, not with the CT, but with an old Honda CB750. And it was fully packed! :-( Had to push it approx 2km in the middle of the night.