• Hi I m from South Africa and I want crash highway bars for my Honda Shadow Aero...

    Hi, I'm from South Africa and I want crash/highway bars for my Honda Shadow Aero Phoenix 2008 750cc model. Anybody able to point me in the right direction please?

    • EBay

    • JP cycles website helps find a fit. JC Whitney website also.

    • Thanks Brother.

    • thanks Brother.

    • Amazon also. Im looking for my bike too.

    • Much appreciated.

    • That's one of the first thing I had installed on my shadow when I first bought it.......and the windshield....

    • Amazon bro. It's where I got mine

    • Nice bike

    • any bike shop should have them. Theyre a pretty standard accessory

    • I live in a 3rd. world country. It's a luxury over here in Sunny S.A.