Hi. I need some help I bought one of these


Hi! I need some help, I bought one of these: http://www.msx125accessories.com/body-parts/mud-gu ard/honda-grom-msx125-carbon-rear-fender-mud-guard -v3

The arm fits to the rear axle bolt. all seems right on the wheel alignment when putting it on (which annoying covers the indicators) But when I tighten the axle bolt to 59nm the wheel falls out of alignment.

Any help most welcomed!

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  • Rezzie Razzie has one I think.

  • I had the same issue trying to tighten the nut on a stock bike. The chain adjuster design is horrible.

  • Had e mudguard before but thn sold it of for having same issues...had to adjust e wheel abit further so as wen u tighten it, it'll move abit...gotta do it a few times to get it

  • More bad news Ben.

    Not this exact one, but I've had four of this design in the past and all broke. Much better to get one that clamps onto the calliper bracket on the inside of the swing arm.

    Doesn't affect tension

    Won't snap

    And much easier to get on and off

  • Yap..as per Kevin Kojima...not a great product...best to fabricate e brackets

  • Ah not only me then! Thanks, I'll hunt for a different one!