• Hi im looking into getting the forza however im very small 5 2 just wondering...

    Hi im looking into getting the forza however im very small 5,2" just wondering if there is anything i can do to make it easy to touch the floor?

    Such as taking foam out?

    Making the suspension softer?

    When the forza has fuel and the suspension is slightly worn dose it go down slightly as its been slightly used?

    What basicly could i do to make it lower or easy for me to ride or is this impossible?

    • Get some motorbike boots with high eels

    • Im looking into them however i just want to make it the lowest it can go on the bike so i dont have to were extra gear.

    • I think u can ajust the spring to lower the scooter

    • yer you can but i dont know how much it can do it by

    • Just turn it to lower it then when u get it to the right height your sorted

    • You can change the suspension..with aftermarket parts ...like ohlins..etc..

    • Standard shock adjusters only alter the stiffness of the ride, not the length. As Dhani Aditya said you could buy aftermarket parts.... but shortening the shocks ,you risk your tyre hitting the rear mudguard. The safest route would be altering the seat.

    • cheers however what i mean is on my other bike suspention gose down when you sit on it when i bought it new it didnt do this dose the forza do this and how much by?

    • Yes the suspension will drop when you sit on it, but even after years of use it wont drop any more really. If there was any sagging/dropping it would be because the damping (the bit inside the springs) has failed. This will affect the handling and can only be cured with renewal, then your back to where you started. I wouldnt mess with the shocks, you will ruin the handling. Contact Honda uk and get professional advice. Also if the bikes new it may invalidate your warranty.

    • Ok

    • Hi Sam. before I bought my Forza 125 , I had this issues. I too am 5'2 and I am coping with it. Am not over stretching to reach the ground. I tend to sit on the end of the seat with one foot on the ground when coming to a stop. You have nothing to worry about. Trust me.

    • Thanks very much! Thats very nice to hear can i ask how much your feat are touch the ground you say when your actally on the seat on the top part can you put one put down ect?

    • my toes. Its enough

    • Cheers also do you think you will alter the bike in any way? And how do you find the wait do you have to get of it to push it and park it?

    • i have no intention in altering my bike in any way. Sometimes I get off it to park it and sometimes I ride it into parking position.eg.by the kerb

    • But i mean is it possible to move it while your on the bike such as with no power?

    • yes

    • ok cheer thanks

    • You can move it and if you have a full tank of fuel be carful has it will be heavy

    • cheers

    • The bottom of that boot has more grip on it than my tyres on my scooter

    • That would be good if it wasnt so punky i guess as i want somthing casuel if it has to be with me

    • Yes, you tilt the bike slightly to the left or right depending on what foot you prefer to use. You lower the suspension it will bottom out. You can pay for someone to remove foam from the seat, but i do not know how deep the foam is to make it viable without losing comfort. Not being horrible but should have not figured this out on a test ride before you handed over £4000.00.

    • Right Sam. First put your suspension on its lowest setting. Also you will find the seat slopes down at the front so when you are about to come to a stop wriggle forward on the seat and its not quite such a stretch to the ground. You can also lean your scoot to one side when you stop and hold it on one leg....just make sure the road does not fall away from you or there is a dip where you stop. Finally there are a few people who specialise in rebuilding your seat to get you lower.The forza is a tall bike and you have to bare it in mind if you are shorter.

    • I'm 5' 2" also and manage ok. You have to move around on the seat a bit but it's fine.