Hi Martyn Lomas Confused. com have been tempting me to get a bike ins quote


Hi Martyn Lomas, Confused.com have been tempting me to get a bike ins quote...so I did...just for quoting purposes...ready for Feb 2016 and I get 71.60, FComp+Pillion for a CB77 (not CB72 early days yet) Does this compare favourably at all with your past experiences?

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  • What are you talking about

  • I think he is taking bike insurance

  • I pay £140 including breakdown recovery

  • I pay about £250 for 4 classics and 2 new bikes including breakdown

  • I pay about the same for 2 classics I was told I can add more as I get them, currently with Peter James, have used Footman James & Carol Nash in the past, being a member of an accredited club also gives a discount, the price includes breakdown cover in UK/Europe.