Hi peeps


Hi peeps.

Anyone got one of these fitted? Any good?

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  • I got one that was included when i got the bike...its huge! Should work very well since its so high i did not ride it but installed it to see.... it does not look good at all and rubs on the side of the fairing rubbing off paint a bit

  • Thanks for answer

  • As I said above i got lucky and got 4 screens when i purchased my mk1...The one screen that seem to be the happy medium to me and was more efficient than both factory and mra is the givi touring screen. It was installed on the bike when i got it and was really efficient. That said i dont like the look of that one either LOL. I shure will use it for week long trip, for daily runs and weekends the MRA or standard screen if fine for me. Here's a pics. Of the givi

  • Standard in lowest position

  • I dont have pic of the MRA on hand but basically its the same size as the standard screen with the spoiler added

  • I have the Givi touring screen. Being tall I still get a lot of buffeting, which in itself is not a major problem except that it causes a lot of noise, despite ear plugs and a Schuberth helmet. I already have permanent tinnitus and I don't want it to get worse. I will try a screen extension at some point before the summer.

  • at 6' high i did not find mine noisier than the others...I've experiement with spacers to place the screen further out from the fairing and it helps with noise.

  • John-Lennart Pedersen few spacers on mounting point would fix the rubbing

  • You guys are awesome with feedback thx for the great advice you all give Shane Blake :D

  • Or just buy a BMW GSA

  • I don't want to piddle on anyone's bonfire but... I have a MRA screen and I'm not sure it's any better than the standard screen in its lowest position, I have tried every conceivable position and I find no real difference either in volume or buffeting, my old deauville had a Honda touring screen and hand guards fitted and it was like

    sitting behind a barn door , the wind even pushed me forwards. Personally I don't find a bit of noise and buffeting an issue, your sitting on a hot engine topped with 4 gallons of flammable liquid and your worried about being wind blasted

  • Mine came fitted, I can't complain.