Hi Philippines fellows here xr150 from Vietnam Is your bike manufactured in...

Hi Philippines fellows, here xr150 from Vietnam. Is your bike manufactured in country or imported from China?

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  • Manufactured in thailan

  • manufacture in china..assemble in philippines

  • China. Its in the nameplate. :)

  • Thanks. Vietnam xr is from China too. Honda Sundiro, Shanghai, China.

  • Poor quality bearings is the biggest problems we experience with our xr's. We usually replace it with Japan or european made bearings. :)

  • Yes, bearings is awful. Almost xr here in Vietnam get rust after a few km. Besides, engine get hot quick with stock muffer.

  • China made products are low quality. We still prefer Honda made products from Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. :)

  • Oh Crap! That explains it!

  • kuya mon fyi crf is made in china.

  • No Bong, the CRF250L is made in Thailand. :)

  • वानिकी शान्तिः you can slightly reduce the temperature by increasing your A/F ratio. :)

  • sa you tube kasi sabi china made

  • Ramon I. Castillo Sir is it adjusting richer or leaner sa A/F ratio to run cooler.

  • Adjust it slightly richer. :)

  • China pala ganito...mag yamaha nlng tau...hehe

  • China pa rin yan yamha xtz, tire nga nyan china eh

  • cge mag rusi nlng kung China na lahat...hehe

  • Sir Ramon I. Castillo.. ano po ung A/F ratio?

  • ang Yamaha Serow 250, Japan, almost as good as XR200... in my opinion

  • Air and fuel?

  • the xtz 125 is also made in china and based on the feedbacks, marami ring problema. :)

  • sa gadgets: iphones, samsung may mga made in china, dumadaan pa rin yan sa quality standards kung san originated ung brand

  • If the parts are purely electronic, but for mechanical parts its a different story. The bearings in particular made in china do not last as well as those made in japan and europe.

  • ano kaya ang tutuong kulay nyan? nkakalito eh black or red?