Hi. Question

Hi. Question.

I have removed the stock over flow coolant tank. Instead replaced it with a long cylinder which sits aside my radiator... That isn't the important thing, as it's essentially exactly the same, but the manual says to full in the coolant res and fill between the lines, well I don't have this option now.

It's completely empty now, and I have 1 liter of coolant, I want to know do I pour in the neck filler just to the side / below tank on the right?

What is my best method here?


(pic just so post stands out).

  • I'd fill it 1/3 of the way and the tube from the radiator should be at least below the coolant level.

  • 'below the coolant level' - Is there a level in there? It's solid black. Or is there a mark on the outside?

  • I would have used clear. Stick the tube in till it's wet. Sounds perverted. Lol