hi thanks for the invite to the group I have a question I have a 04 rebel 250...


hi thanks for the invite to the group.I have a question I have a 04 rebel 250 getting into nuetral can be tricky at best.I was curious if any one has had troubles with this and maybe a solution thanks

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  • It could be the clutch cable needs adjusting or it could be that the clutch springs are going bad. I'd invest in a Haynes or Clymer manual if you haven't already.

  • Many Rebels has this problem.

  • Try a Harley. Then finding the neutral with the Rebel seems simple. :-D

    Sometimes releasing the clutch a little and trying again helps. It works better when you switch while youre still rolling.

    Wont say its a problem . Its charakter. ;-)

  • I've had the same issue it seems that it goes in the neutral it the bike is rolling fairly easy if the bike is stopped its kind of hard to get it in neutral unless you crack the throttle a tad bit while you're clutch is completely pressed in and then try to put it in neutral

  • Ours will do it all the time . it'll pop into neutral when it's barely rolling . I've had similar bikes that have had the same issue . nothing to do with clutch adjustment .

  • Also, make sure you do regular oil changes as the Rebel is a "wet" clutch bike. I've always found fresh oil made finding neutral easier

  • Mine rebel is an 87 and it has had that issue ever since i bought it. If you ever get down to the Bradenton area we should go ride