• Hi there I m looking for 2 3 veteran motorcycle riders who would like to...

    Hi there. I'm looking for 2-3 veteran motorcycle riders who would like to experience a once in a lifetime journey. The plan is to loop counter clockwise the Philippines in less than 30 days starting 2nd/3rd week of March 2016. It will be more like a ride and tour in different parts of the country. Since this is an escapade, my initial guesstimate budget is between 30-40k per rider. That includes food/gas/package tours/accommodation (we will be using mostly tents)/sea fares etc. Just imagine spending at least 1k per day. Foreigners and expats are mostly welcome! Of course my compatriots too.


    1. Valid Philippine License w/ Restriction 1

    2. More than 3 years of motorcycling experience. Any kind of motorbikes will do.

    3. Open minded (this is not networking -_-)

    4. Mentally and Physically capable

    5. Confident w/ riding skills

    6. 100% working motorbike

    7. waiver from SO/loved ones (not really lol)

    8. sense of humor

    9. productive because I'm not. lol

    10. money $$$$$$

    11. Riding gears

    12. Basic motorcycle knowledge

    PM for other questions etc. This is a non-profit ek ek w/ever. I'm still mapping our routes. Top destinations that I would like to visit are the ff. and will be part of the adventure.

    1. Palaui Island, Cagayan

    2. Siargao Island

    3. Iloilo/Guimaras

    4. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

    5. Enchanted River

    6. Lake Holon, South Cotabato

    7. and many more... still planning though.

    • Nice tour, tol. But Palaui Island in Sta Ana, Cagayan ay wala pang circum road pero ung pnkaTIP mismo ng Luzon mainland ay mararating n tru roads, maraming white beach dun. BUT there is one gud historical place there in Palaui - Cafe Enganio. Check out I LOVE SANTA ANA for more info.

    • Yes sir ipaparada lang ho sa port ng sta ana.

    • Hmmmnnnnn. . . Tempting.

    • Pyt idol J Green Kalaw :)

    • Aji ji ji baka wala na ko trabaho pagbalik ko idol Bryann Punay.

    • Ganda ng experiece na toh. I was planning on doing a similar thing.

    • sarap sana nito ohhhh tama ka idol J Green Kalaw ala n tau trabho pgblik..kailangan mglive nalng.

    • nice

    • Lahat ng requirements pasok.. pwera lang un #10.. hihihihi