Hit 18k miles today


Hit 18k miles today

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  • Sounds good mate, need to get some new tyres Friday as mine are wrecked and will come down sometime.

  • Roads are amazing

  • Let me know how much your gunna get charged for tyres I might be able to do better and yeh man you only saw a few of a load lol

  • insane milage :-)

  • try hitting the garage for a service

  • Nice one Jack.

  • You had any problems within the 18,000?

  • None for me, just made sure I give it regular servicing and change the oil often.

  • No problems what so ever Scott

  • You're closing in on me Jack, well done! :) Gives me a bit more motivation to get my rebuilt and back on the road! I think I was at about 25,000 when she was obliterated.