Hitting my mid life crisis with my first motorcycle 2007 Honda Shadow 750...


Hitting my mid life crisis with my first motorcycle. 2007 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit C2. Only issue I have is a need to change the rear signal lights. Anyone have any issues with putting on aftermarkets, or should I stick with OEM? My right rear signal assembly works but is cracked.

Awesome bike otherwise.

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  • Mine are integrated to my rear fender.

  • Let's see some different setups I would like to change mine too

  • 750 spirit also....easy job

  • Enjoy!

  • Part of the mid life bike buy is the fact you CANmod your ride the way you want to. Find something you think you like and have a go.

  • First bike at 51 past midlife crisis

  • first bike at 52!

  • More fun than I could ever have, first street bike. 07 Spirit. Every other bike was a dirt bike. Now it's time to ride for fun and relaxing. The longer the road the better.

  • Right on! hit my midlife crisis too at 40. been riding dirt bikes since i was 5 years old but this is my first street cruiser. 2003 spirit 750

  • Been riding dirt bikes since I was 16. Started with a Hodaka 125. Then had a honda 100 sl, then a honda 350 xl ,then a cb 350. That got totally fucked up some idiot ran over it in a parking lot. After awhile I decided to get a 750 spirit that is to say I never wanted another bike. I'm 60 now and still ride

  • Cool Paul I've ridden a few Hodakas in the past. Started with a Suzuki JR 50 , Honda Cr 60, 80, 125, ... Yamaha YZ250 and finally finished with a Honda CRF 450. Dirt bikes were my life but with kids and busy schedule and lack of riding areas worth a damn. Decided to keep riding a different way. Lol.

  • That's what I'm talking about . life is a long ride,enjoy it