• Hiya little help please had this love of my life for nearly a year now but when...

    Hiya little help please had this love of my life for nearly a year now, but when I brake lightly it feels like really juddery like I'm pressing the front brake on and off really quickly, I work on cars for a living, so fairly good with my hands, I'm assuming warped disc is this common? I don't have loads of money to spare, so where do I start? How do I know which one? Does it have to be both discs? Any help greatly appreciated!

    Pads have been stripped cleaned and lubed, so don't think it's them unfortunately

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    • Same problem??

    • On my 07 r1

    • Ooh ahh

    • Probably exaggerated description a little, but assuming it'll just get worse

    • The floating discs ain't floating anymore? Can they move freely?

    • Take off the rotors and lay on a level surface and like the guy said make sure calipers move freely . check to see if pistons arent sticking

    • What do u mean? Should they move a little??

    • Were pushed back fairly recently so don't think it is That?

      I'll give that again, but only just noticeable so not sure I'd see it with my eyes?

    • Best level surface is glass

    • Cheers didn't think of that

    • Yup. The discs are made of an inner and an outer part, assembled with a bunch (6 maybe) round thingies. These thingies are supposed to move. That way the outer discs can expand and (I think I've heard.....) self adjust a bit to the caliper

    • Not related, but are your heel plates not upside down? Haha

    • Thanks and if they don't move they're knackered??

    • I actually have no idea? You reckon? If so I'll turn them round lol

    • Or just clogged up in dirt. Clean them and see.

    • Clean the whole bike weekly

      But will have look thankya

    • I've learned a lot from this guys videos. Here's one on this subject:

      https://m.youtube.com/watch?v= 1qoPqN2GBdw

    • You sir deserve a medal!!! I'm 98% sure mine doesn't move like That? And it's definately worth a shot first!!

      If its that and you lived closer I'd buy you a pint because this does sound promising

    • I had this on my cbr600fy. Turned out to be a slightly loose head stock. Removed top yoke and tightened the preload then reassembled. Was fine after that.

    • Blimey really will have a look

      It's ok if being thrashed tho, it's only light braking

    • It's easier enough to do. There on a lock nut. Once you remove the top yokes its self explanatory. There's some lock tabs that need to be carefully bent back undo the first lock nut with a C spanner and very slightly tighten the second nut. Before re-tightening the lock nut. You need the front end in the air just to check there's no binding. Then re-assemble.

    • Going to try disc bobbins first sounds promising as ridden in all weather's and seasons

    • I think so, two mins

    • Looks like it by the shape of mine

    • I bought it like it so weren't sure

      Love the colour scheme!

      I got turn it now I know about it lol

    • Just undo the two screws and flip it :)

    • Will do!!

    • Could still be warped disc, got the same on my nc29, if you can lift the front wheel then spin it slowly and see if it catches, put a chalk mark on the tyre and see if it catches in the same spot each time. If you look at the discs one at a time when the chalk mark comes around you will see which one is catching

    • Thanks will do That! Also going to check disc bobbins as ridden in all weather's could could be sticky as they don't seem to 'float' an awful lot