• HOLY COW I finally got to ride it WOW Man this thing is FUN I did not...

    HOLY COW !!! I finally got to ride it. WOW. Man, this thing is FUN. I did not expect it to run that good. It sounds great too.

    • It was fun 41 yrs ago it was fun 41 days ago I still get a kick everytime I take it out, Enjoy your Hellcatting....

    • Looks bloody fantastic too!

    • Love those pipes - where from?

    • Gorgeous bike,can you tell us what your pilot,and main jets number,and jet needle clip position on your mikunis?

    • 185 main, 35 pilot and second position from top on the needle. I hope to get some better pictures out in the sunlight.

    • Thank you very much John!

    • I don't like scrambler pipes and their heat-shields, but these look great

    • 1

    • I wanted to let Rafa Median know I made a jetting change.Works even better now. 200 main, 35 pilot and right in the middle for the clip.

    • 200 main???

    • Thanks John,are you using NJK B8ES?

    • B7ES

    • I tried a 210 main main jet and it works even better! It's been pretty warm here lately so we'll see how it goes when it cools down a bit.