Homemade warm 424


I would like to see if anyone thinks this would work it is a drawing of a homemade warn 424 the first pic is were the drive shaft goes into the engine casing an SUV then it has a washer welded to it then it has a spring to hold it in the case then it has a bearing then it has a socket for the nut that is welded on the end the second picture is were it is cut in half and it has a nut welded on the end then a bearing then a spring then a washer welded on the end near the boot on the driveshaft to keep it in the diff and to go to 2wd you slide the socket back to go to 4wd you slide the socket fouword to grab both the nuts what do u guys think

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  • I made one similar for my old 300 it worked great until it got full of mud. If you can come up with a way to keep the mud out the socket it should work

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