• Honda acura stuff

    new bwr eg dc front&and rear camber kits 200

    eg jdm center console 150

    B series eg dc rear t braket 40

    Integra mis black dc plactics 60

    Obd1 non vtec harness uncut 40

    S2000 antenna 40

    Eg suspension frontend stuff 60

    B series obd1 used alternator 40

    B series used starter 40

    Ls b20 brand new skunk2 cam cap 25

    Itr header 100

    Ls intake manifold 50

    B series str intake manifold with 68mm throttle body fuel rail and obd1 injecters 200

    Hasport street mounts 200

    Integra 98-01 fenders and hood 100

    Prices are obo but don't play with my emotions


    • You said you did have a cam plug Che vato

    • Thats ls b20 only

    • They are the same

    • As what d17 or b series vtec

    • Leeroy Barrera that intake ..

    • Don't think it will fit ls

    • Need to sell that b20v

    • I'll see wats up

    • Stil have the str intake?

    • Yah see what's up

    • Yeah

    • Inbox

    • Stil have the str intake?

    • Yes

    • Do you still have the mounts

    • Yes

    • Would you take 150

    • No like 180 the lowest

    • Hey bro Jeremy Dominguez i don't alot about civics cuz i have accords.

      I have my b16y7 civic auto trany that harnnes can fit in my civic??? Cuz i wanna convert in std

    • U have the hardness with ecu????

    • B

    • D16y7

    • What's the least on the ITR headers??

    • 80

    • Inboxd u

    • B