Honda Aero Official Unofficial Meet n Greet Rally


Honda Aero Official Unofficial Meet-n-Greet Rally!!!

Ah Hell, make it all bikes sponsored by the Honda Aero Group!

Where: Erie Pa

When: September 13,14

Accommodations: contact myself or Brian Becker for recommendations.

Friday be a dinner meet, place TBA. Followed by a bar hop to some of the pretty cool establishments Erie has to offer

Saturday: will be a scenic ride kicking off to some of the great regional landmarks stopping along the way.

I'd like to pick a charity we could donate to in participation.

*I know this is a bit sudden and don't expect anything huge, thus less overwhelming. But take this as a great opportunity to meet your fellow Areo owners and other biker enthusiasts!

Any more info please contact me. In the mean time once I get a good count I'll be able to line some pretty cool things for us to do.

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  • Guess I'm gonna have to tap out. If anyone plans on riding to Erie, lmk... I can recommend a few places to ride, stay, or, eat. I'll be at my son's football game that Friday then working 8am-830pm the entire weekend following.

  • 2015 much better. But hey, if anyone has a wild hair...:)

  • Sooooo, New Mexico 2015!! :D

  • Chris Lawrence, that's a whole lot closer! Like it!

  • With hell are ya moving there for?

  • It's a strong possibility Brian Becker. My lady is looking at an enviro Geo position out that way. Plus we love the dry heat and the mountain skyline :)

  • Hey Brian Becker. Wanna help out w that exhaust mod posted here a few days ago?

  • Sure Chris, I'll start gathering up some Campbell soup cans and duct tape. I think 5 or 6 taped together should give you the length you need and the sound. Holy crow, did you listen to the before and after? The before sounded like a nice Harley-esk cha chug cha chug, the after sounded like someone burning rice in a can

  • Can't make it this least not on that weekend, I will however, be on your side of the border......fur babysitting in Virginia!

  • Haha. Ouch!