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Up for sale is a 1979 Honda Super Sport. It has had quite a bit of work done to it. Performance modifications include Keihin CR31 Special carbs, a set of 3 ohm Dyna ignition coils, CB900F cams, and the oil cooler system off of a CB900F. Suspension modifications include a 1997 ZX9R front end and a GSXR750 swingarm. It also has a Koso TnT gauge. It runs very well and sounds great. It had 33k on it when I bought it four years ago. I have only put about 2k miles on it which is why I am selling it. I just dont have time to ride it anymore. If you have any questions feel free to ask. No trades

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    Photos from David Matthew's post — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

    Does anyone have experience with and can provide feedback (good or bad) on this oil filter adaptor (which allows for a spin-on style automotive oil filter.

    --------The propaganda is as follows:

    Oil filter adapter for Honda GL1000, GL1100, Gl1200, CB750, CB900, CB1100F, CB1000, CB500, CB550. (most "big block" Hondas) This unit makes filter change quick and clean, allowing the use of several readily available automotive spin-on filters: (fram numbers for reference only): ph2591, ph3600, ph3614, ph4967 and ph2870a. There are others, We haven't found them yet. We recommend ph3614 or equivalent in other brands. The adapter is precision machined from 6061 Aluminum billet and polished to a chrome-like finish, about 15/16 inch thick. The center spud is 20mm on the engine side, 3/4 fine thread on the filter side. Installed simply by spinning it into the engines filter bolt hole, it stays put while you replace filters thereafter. This product saves continuous wear and tear on the aluminum filter bolt threads in the engine; they never get used again. Installation instructions included.

    ---------end included message----

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      Photos from David Frost's post — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

      Need some serious help. I have been trying for some time now to remove the barrels on my CB900F2D. I have used copious amounts of Plus Gag. I have tapped bashed with no luck. I have made extraction tools, pic attached, with no luck. I have , against advice used heat. I have now removed the crank pistons ect. and tried to tap the liners from inside. Absolutely no movement at all. Any ideas would be most welcome.

      My thoughts at the moment to leave as is and get the crankcases and barrels aquablasted as one unit and paint and reassemble from here. Bores look ok so just new rings.

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        I have said about this before but my friend is still looking to sell his cb750 — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

        I have said about this before but my friend is still looking to sell his cb750 . It's a black one although paint is tatty think it's a fa with later twin pot calipers and black engine it's complete if a bit tatty and the fork springs are to stiff probably got the old rentec springs as they were just hard . He is going to attempt getting it running soon as I've supplied him new battery , when it last ran it ran smooth but plugs kept dying so have supplied champion to see if that fixes it . He is looking for £500 fuel tank is clean inside but really being sold as spares or repair . Other new parts were reg/rec and generator by electrosport and different set of coils . It is on Isle of Wight but I'm sure at cost could be put on boat to be picked up Portsmouth or Southampton let me know if any interest can post pictures

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          hello chaps — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

          hello chaps

          first of all thanks for letting me join. and a big hello to all, but im afraid i need to wade straight in as i need to move fast on this.

          i went to look at a 79 cb900 today i rhought i would ask just in case anybody has knowlage of them.

          the bike is chassis wise perfectly restored but the engine does not always fire on all 4. the owner says the midfire drifts from pot to pot but whilst i was there it only happened on no: 2.

          he states he has ultra sonically cleaned carbs and static timed ignition and that the head has been replaced with a rebuilt one. the coils have been changed to cbr600 and wired to energise when ingition switch turned on.the guy is asking for £2500 for the bike but im certsin i can bid him 2k. my biggest worry is buying a bike eith a buggered engine

          any ideas chaps.


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            Hi All just bit of info some may remember conversation some time back regarding... — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

            Hi All just bit of info , some may remember conversation some time back regarding ngk plugs and I swapped to champion with better results . Well at time I was told by a supplier the plug from champion was P-Ra7hc , finally received a champion application book and it should actually be RA6HC although I've had no issue with the 7 and colour is good , but the book shows a upgrade to I suppose there equivalent to a Iridium . Which is listed as a 8809 power sport and says more power and reduced fouling but are lot cheaper than iridium . So I will try them out see what there like as my fd still needs valve seals doing it should challenge them on the fouling

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              Guys — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners


              I can't remember which CB page it was put on but i remember seeing a 900 modded with cheap gas shock like the ones in the pic. I am trying to find out what size to buy for mine which is having 17" cbr600 wheels and a cb400f alloy swingarm

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                Admin If you want to remove thats fine but i think all members should know NOT... — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

                Admin If you want to remove thats fine but i think all members should know NOT to take out any Insurance with ONE CALL insurance. I have just hit the buy it button after doing a quote which was very good but what i failed to see is they want your driveing license and national insurance number. This is way open to fraud and when i tried to stop it as it's well withing the 14 day cooling off period they said that will cost you £49 cancellation and it's in thier small print apparantly.The policy was only £80

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                  paint codes — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

                  paint codes

                  does anyone have a paint code for the silver paint? something very near will do as everything is getting painted, the paint shop does not recognise the code I have . would like to get some from the local paintshop rather than getting shafted from somewhere like RS paints .lol

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                    Okay I have got my forks back for my 84 900 FD after having them stripped down... — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

                    Okay I have got my forks back for my '84 900 FD after having them stripped down, seals replaced, re hardened, and rebuilt.

                    I have got the Haynes manual and read the section on how to put them back in place. Friends are telling me it is a very tricky operation, is easy to get very wrong and not as easy as Haynes makes out and needs two people to do it properly.

                    Has anyone else done this ? Is it as frightening as some people are making out ?

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                      1980 Cb900 — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

                      I'm thinking about selling my 1980 cb900. Bought it with intentions of building a bobber but lost interest. Have all original parts still. Runs and drives. Just uninterested. Asking 1,250 OBO. Shoot me an offer. May be open to trades as well

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                        Photos from Joacim Nilsen Wallgren's post — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners


                        I'm wondering what the blue arrow is pointing to? It was years since I took the bike apart and my Clymer doesn't give any guidance. I guess a tube should be connected since the hole is spitting out a little oil. But what should I connect it to?

                        I also wonder if I need to connect the carburetor drain tubes to the carburetor, or if I can leave it as it is. Maybe this is basic knowledge, but I have not required it yet. As you can see I have switched to cone filters. The build is, except for this, complete and the bike runs good, but I have only driven it one mile to test everything.

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                          Max Loosli I remember while back you mentioning in a post about doing valve... — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

                          Max Loosli I remember while back you mentioning in a post about doing valve seals with engine in , did you make a tool up to do this I would be interested in how you did this . As to be honest I don't really have time at moment to take my fd engine out haven't got round to fitting my FB engine back in yet that's been six months . And the fd runs so sweet have no reason to split so any info would be good Max

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                            right lads I m going to get my cbr wheels powdercoated but cant decide on the... — Honda CB 900F Riders Owners

                            right lads, I'm going to get my cbr wheels powdercoated but cant decide on the colour, the bike will be silver with the blue stripes,alloy box section arm in a satin finish ( might polish)engine will be left silver with a mild polish to the outer covers, chrome 4 into1 pipe, fork sliders either satin black or silver. so what do we think for the wheels????

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