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Hope it's ok to post this on here, if not I'll take it down.

iPhone 5s 32gb with waterproof case & fittings to mount to bike handlebar.

Been using it as satnav on bike with Tomtom software paired to Bluetooth earpiece.

Phone on Vodafone network & will be factory reset prior to sale, so you won't get the tomtom software, my bank details or my nudey pics.

All works as expected, only selling as I've bought an actual tomtom unit.

Phone, case & charging lead £95, UK only postage, collection welcome (Bolton)

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Photos from Guy Whattam's post — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

for sale my pristine 2013 Honda cb1000r in Honda legends tt colours.

This extremely rare cb1000r was sent to dream machine by hunts Honda when it was brand new and had a full tt legends paintjob apparently dream machine have only done a hand full of these!!!

its got 4750 miles from new(but could go up a little bit if the sun shines!!!) since ive owned it ive fitted the following extra parts to make it special,

Strada 7 brake/clutch levers,Strada 7 mirrors,Stainless Stainless steal radiator guard,Puig front screen(this helps the wind a lot!!),Ermax belly pan (which really finishs the body styling off),Perforamce exhaust and decat pipe(sounds great),Hel braided brake lines,

Rear hugger,Front fender extender,Blue billet resovior tops,

Tail tidy,Crash bobbins,Genuine Honda engine orniment ring set,Genuine Honda single seat,and just recently had the wheels powder coated and fitted with brand new Michelin 2ct tyres 150 miles ago also bikes been serviced too

This bike is in absolutely pristine condition and needs for nothing as its got all the extras it needs, the bike really does need viewing properly to see just how nice it really is.

for more info please call me on 07934672650 in located in York

I will accept cash or bank transfers only!!!


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    Quick question — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

    Quick question??

    Anyone done the 17 tooth front sprocket mod?

    I personally find that the bikes is a bit to lower geared and I'm always looking for another gear when I'm in 6th

    By doing the mod it makes the bike less revvy

    It's really the only fault I can find with the bike

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      Does anyone have a tracker fitted I found one by Rewire on eBay that looks... — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

      Does anyone have a tracker fitted? I found one by Rewire on eBay that looks quite good but it has a two day battery life. Can't really see the point if it has to be wired in as the wires will lead to the device. There are so many of them with different features just wondered if anyone had any recommendations.

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        Hi friends — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

        Hi friends

        Imstrugglin to find parts for my cb...

        I have a r9 model(2009) non abs and im lookin for rear rotor and pads.

        If anyone can recommend a good set and a good price please share it on the comments.

        If you have a good site with a variaty of parts for my cb,please share!

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          Hey guys looking for some advice My cb1000r has been stood for several months... — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

          Hey guys looking for some advice. My cb1000r has been stood for several months due to a house move ect. I haven't touched it stupidly I didn't drain the fuel or anything just parked it up. I've replaced the battery this week and it's cranking over but want fire...? The pump is priming fine as I can here it. I've checked the pump/ sender unit and it's pumping fuel perfectly.. and I have sparks. But I'm pritty sure I'm. Not getting fuel... any ideas what my issue could be??

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            Right boys pulling my hair out and at breaking point Bike was running fine and... — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

            Right boys, pulling my hair out and at breaking point. Bike was running fine and then electrics played up, bike would miss fire and when indicators were turned on for example the bike would loose power and nearly die. Got a new battery and same fault occurred, got a new regulator as done the checks as per manual which I was 90percent convinced it was the regulator/rectifier. Fitted and bike seemed to go perfect, started fine once drove to work and on the way home from work pulled in to get petrol and bike would not start again. Had power but not enough to start. Jumped no problem and ran fine till the electrics played up again and finally broke down 20 mile later. Any thoughts????

            Thanks in advance

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              Photos from Paul Harrison's post — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

              Hi folks,

              My mates dad has asked me to sell his bike for him, I will get more details over the next few days buts it's CB1000RA in the rare repsol colours, sure it's a 08 but will confirm when I get more detail.

              It's done just over 8k with some nice mods. VGC bike.

              What sort of price would 1 of these be worth as hard to gauge in this colour scheme.


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                Morning gents — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

                Morning gents

                Quick question thinking of getting some levers but I am struggling to find black levers with black adjuster or gold adjuster to match the colour scheme of the bike which is the matt black with gold bits, I like the strada levers but only come with red adjuster, any changes there levers ? Or recommend a good ones

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                  Martin Fisher shared a link to the group: Honda CB1000R Owners Club. — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

                  I finally got a good price for my replacement alternator and regulator from 01672 512240.

                  Roger was so helpful £80 exchange or £121 to buy another and he went out of his way to get me a regulator from another company then posted the lot out here to me in Spain.

                  He mainly deals in electrical stuff for all different makes of bikes.

                  So from around £500 from Honda and Davidsilver £500 parts alone.

                  I got both parts delivered for £221 all in.

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                    Sadly Honda have decided to remove the CB1000R from their line up of bikes — Honda CB1000R Owners Forum

                    Sadly Honda have decided to remove the CB1000R from their line up of bikes. I was talking to the guys on the Honda stand at the NEC yesterday and it because of poor sales but mainly in it's current guise it cannot reach Euro 4 emissions. I pushed as to wether there would be a new one bearing in mind the new Blade but no answer was forthcoming. Sad day for us.

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