So After being out of action since January with a back issue today was the day... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

So. After being out of action since January with a back issue, today was the day for getting the bike started and ready to take back out on the road.

Usually I ride through the season but being pulled over in the ice by an excitable Labrador put pay to that.

Out I go, as eager as a large, primarily nocturnal, semi aquatic rodent.

Bungees removed and bike cover off.

I reach down to remove the battery minder only to find the electric cable to the mains is unplugged from the minder. No power to the charger at all.

Sure enough, battery is as flat as can be. Not even a whir and a click.

No lights, no noise, nothing.

I have plugged it in and am hoping the battery is retrievable.

I'm planning on submitting this to the Oxford English Dictionary as the new definition of frustration.

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    So we bit the bullet and got my wife all the gear she s got better stuff than... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

    So, we bit the bullet and got my wife all the gear (she's got better stuff than I have bloody women !!) and she went on the back with me and loved it. So much so that after going it fir a ride, she wanted to go round the block a few more times - Result !!

    I adjusted the rear suspension but am a touch confused with the rear damper

    Leave it as is or turn it to hard ?

    Also the front suspension, leave as is or should I adjust that too, it's difficult to know how much

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      Right y all big problems — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

      Right y'all, big problems...

      Perfect ride up to Devil's Bridge today, the bike was sweet.

      However on starting up to come home after a couple of hours, I rode off and the bike felt sluggish immediately like it had a mind of its own..Front end felt heavy. Left h bends needed more leaning and right hand bends were even worse... It just tried to stand up straight each time I negotiated a bend or turn...

      It felt sluggish as though you were in car trying to move off with handbrake on...that said acceleration was normal, just felt sluggish in the handling.

      Worst of all any movement of the ass in your seat and you could almost make the bike behave like a skier on a slalom it almost behaved like one of those old metal spinning tops did, the as it slowed, it became wobbly and unstable.....Tyres are fine, tyre pressures I checked before I left and are fine. No leaks that I can see..brake lever and pedal doesn't be locked on, although its behaving like the pads could be locked on, but doesn't affect acceleration.

      Any pointers people would be greatly appreciated.nb headstock was replaced last yr...

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        Hello everyone — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

        Hello everyone,

        Need some help about handlebar:

        I am trying to buy a new handlebar

        This is what I found:

        An used handlebar from a 2012 biffer that really looks linke a 2010 double exhaust.

        I have a 2010 single exhaust.

        Is it the same handlebar?

        Anyone knows?


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          Hi everyone — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

          Hi everyone,

          I've just joined as I plan to buy a cbf1000 in a few weeks, thought I'd stop by to ask a few questions if you don't mind?

          1, why do you all call it a "biffa"?

          2, anything special I should be looking for as I view the bike?

          3,am I right in thinking most people go for Michelin tyres? If so what mileage are you all getting from them.

          Thanks for your time


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            Hi All Any advice on batteries for the cbf1000 mk1 My friend recommended the... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

            Hi All!... Any advice on batteries for the cbf1000 mk1?... My friend recommended the YUASA battery... But that is a pretty pricey one.... I can not see that price justified for an acid battery, when you can get a JMT battery for example with Lithium Ion design...Apparently the lithium batteries are better.... Or are they???

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              Photos from Colin Bridgland's post — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

              Well folks, afraid my CBF is now up for sale. Price is £2100 so PM me if interested. Its a 2006 ABS with 21000 miles on it. I've owned it from 6000 miles.

              I got it from a guy in Cornwall and I think it lived outside as its lost enamel from a couple of places on the engine & fork legs, as the pics show. Its had oil & filter every 4000 religiously and the engine is sweet, as you would expect. Totally std apart from Renthall handle bars. Givi pannier frames fitted. I'm in Kent.

              It will go out for wider sale in a day or 2.

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                I have only just pick my bike up and on the way back at around 60 miles an hour... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                I have only just pick my bike up,and on the way back at around 60+ miles an hour it was buffeting something chronic. I have bought it to do some distance riding over my sports bikes.

                But I need to get this problem sorted .

                The bike has had a larger( higher )screen fitted .

                Could this be the problem.

                Any advice would be great


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                  Having had sports bikes then a Yamaha FZ1S I m now looking at the CBF1000 — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                  Having had sports bikes, then a Yamaha FZ1S I'm now looking at the CBF1000. I can't have sports bikes anymore due to a dodgy hip.

                  I've got two questions for you all...

                  For those of you that might have gone from a 150bhp+ sports bike to the Biffer, what did you think?

                  I want to make mine look as good as I can, has anyone modded theirs with anything like belly pans, sports screens etc to make it look a bit harder?

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                    I have a 2006 1000A with around 11k miles on It has suddenly sprung an oil... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                    I have a 2006 1000A with around 11k miles on. It has suddenly sprung an oil leak. It seems to be either coming from the water pump or possible gear linkage. Will be having a good look this weekend, weather permitting. Anyone had anything similar that could offer any advice? Will be putting Wynns stop leak in once found so that should cure it is a gasket or washer, hopefully.

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                      Just about getting to grips with my new TomTom Rider 40 However if I plan a... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                      Just about getting to grips with my new TomTom Rider 40. However, if I plan a route through the satnav it lets me add stops along the route which is great. If I plan the route through the Tyre software you get free with the Rider it doesn't let you add stops once the route is uploaded to the Rider, I have tried to also add it in Tyre using the "destination to visit" icon but this info doesn't seem to transfer to the satnav. Any advice from you TomTom experts out there that could help me. Cheers.

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                        So guys get this. was following a transit type Mercedes van near home coming — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                        So guys, get this...was following a transit type Mercedes van near home coming.up on a set of lights with a two.lane approach..

                        Both of us in the left lane going straight ahead, the van went through, only to have to stop as the traffic had backed up into the junction. He was fully over the line, but not blocking the junction..

                        I pulled up a couple of feet behind the line, and after a few moments thought I hope he doesn't try to reverse back behind the line, no sooner I had thought that guessed it, the reverse lights came on and back he went!!!

                        I leaned on the horn back peddling as fast as possible, going back two bike lengths..He eventually stopped so.i did, then decided to come back some back.on.the horn I went and frantically back peddled some more...(another bike length)..

                        Eventually I went up the side and raised my eyebrows , that's all it took to get a sorry mate could hear horn.but didn't know where it was coming from..

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                          Following on from my twin headlight idea 2nd part was to fit spot lights for... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                          Following on from my twin headlight idea... 2nd part was to fit spot lights for main beam. However it seems the spotlights available for crash bars only have on axis of adjustment. So would need room on the bars at 90° angle to floor. The crash bars I'm seeing are anything but... anyone else successfully fitted fog/spot lights?

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                            Ray Thomson shared a link to the group: Honda CBF1000 Owners Club. — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

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                              In case anyone of yall CBF1000F owners stumble across windshield that actually... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                              In case anyone of yall CBF1000F owners stumble across windshield that actually does not cause any turbulences, I'd be thankful for a link. I've tried many windshields and adapters, but all of them did not play well with my "very silent" C3 Pro helmet. I'm seriously considering selling my bike just because of all the noise. Had ridden a friend's naked bike and the helmet itself is very silent indeed, it's just the biffer's fairing and windshield combination that messes everything up. I'm 175 cm tall and tired of wearing earplugs all the time...

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                                Low fairings for YR-254 colour CBF1000s (2006-2010) — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                Hello Guys, but mainly YR-254 colour owners! My low fairings from my bike are for sale now because I sold out my bike. Price for both side items are 280 € now (plus you should pay for shipping also). The low fairings are mounted to my motorbike but I have never used them for riding. Both parts are absolutely free from scratches. You can purchase the same lower fairings from Speedmax for 400 € discount price (plus shipping cost). Compatible for all CBF1000s bike which were produced between 2006-2010. Colour code is YR-254 (Bombay Orange Metallic). Please write me a private message if you're interested. Thanks.

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                                  Ok guys this is a long shot but worth a go The Mrs has been looking for a job... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                  Ok guys this is a long shot but worth a go. The Mrs has been looking for a job for almost 5 months now. Literally applied to hundreds and still nothing. She's got a level 3 food hygiene certificate, has been to university in her home country (Mexico) and has a business management degree. Her English is better than most British peoples and has a willing attitude to learn/work hard. She's not wanting a super paid job but no canvassing/selling shit from home rubbish. Shes open to almost anything right now just to save her boredom at home all the time and give her a bit of her own money/independence. In a couple of weeks she'll have transport too, so even if you are further afield she will be able to get (Nottingham/Derby areas) She's very reliable and trustworthy. Can anyone help?

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                                    Been doing a bit of an experiment recently by using a product called Scottoiler... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                    Been doing a bit of an experiment recently by using a product called Scottoiler fs365. It's a spray that you use on the bike to protect it from the worst of the winter salt and dirt. I washed the bike today after 3 months and I only used a jet wash, no chemicals or solvents and definitely no sponge or brushes... bike has just washed clean, all the dirt and salt has just run off. Great result for me because I hate cleaning bikes

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                                      Can I just say that this group is the most sensible and friendly I have ever... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                      Can I just say that this group is the most sensible and friendly I have ever been involved in on Facebook & the reason for this post is one to just ask about some of the more recent posts that members have submitted. Posts about fatalities and accidents are all well and good but if it's old news or a post that doesn't have a good message ( I'm thinking the post last year released by the grieving mother) then can we all just pause and have a think before posting. A recent post about a fatality caused another member a bit of upset as he knew the deceased. I am not one to take life too seriously and hate writing what appears to be a condescending piece about how the most sensible group ( and oldest probably) on Facebook should behave. Thanks peeps and if you want to tell me where to go I am more than happy to sit on the naughty step for 5 minutes

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                                        PIss shite and bollox decided to take bike out out for a good clean sun was... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                        PIss shite and bollox, decided to take bike out out for a good clean, sun was shining so went on to take the bike for a spin for an hour..

                                        Got about 15 miles north of Garstang up in the Trough of Bowland in the middle of nowhere, the temp must have dropped from 9 degrees to barely zero, the wind got up and the on;y piece of dirty black cloud as far as the eye can see seemed to settle directly over me like something from a cartoon and drowned me..

                                        no canopies to shelter under, nothing at all.

                                        eventually got to a roadside cafe, n when i got off the bike i shrieked like a girlie...the bike was 5 times filthier than when i cleaned it earlier...grrrr.

                                        sorry to have to say, no intricate toothbrush treatment the second time around....i cheated and went straight to Morrisons to use the jetwash, followed by some ACF50 once home.. didnt have the patience....... Rant over...that is all... :)))))

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                                          Photos from Kristian Day's post — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                          Orange mk1 tank bag needs new metal clips to fit to the tank in good condition otherwise Pete oxley gave it me but I never fitted it £40 plus postage

                                          Pillion seat pod again for mk1 as is in pic with the fixings g clips £35 plus postage

                                          Give rack an plate with the bolt an spacers as I mentioned in a previous post will need new nuts an bolts to fasten plate to rack £50 plus postage

                                          Happy to meet people are drop point within reason always good to meet new people anywhere on the Welsh boarder or a bit further for a bit of fuel


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                                            Hi can anyone tell me what the part I ve circled in red is There is one on the... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                            Hi, can anyone tell me what the part I've circled in red is? There is one on the brake and clutch reservoir, it looks like it has some kind of rubber plug in it. The reason I'm asking is I'm looking to fix my satnav and wondered if these are used on other bikes and might be where the mirrors go and are just plugged because they are not needed on the CBF.

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                                              Hi guys — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                              Hi guys,

                                              I'm looking for a 2nd generation CBF1000 with ABS and wondered if anyone had any advice about what to look for, what wears out, breaks etc.

                                              Also what's the pillion accommodation like? We tend to spend all day on the bike and I can do without the Mrs bending my ears about her numb bum!

                                              Thanks in advance.

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                                                Photos from Mark Pearson's post — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                                Phase 2 - complete.

                                                Phase 1 was getting the shed erected which we did during the summer. As winter arrived, noticed a condensation problem so Phase 2 was decided upon

                                                Spent the day digging out a channel to allow water to escape around the shed meaning, hopefully, water will stop coming in under the shed, then put a damp proof membrane down and finally some new industrial garage tiles which are none slip and oil proof.

                                                All that and fitted a new security post to complement the security measures inside.

                                                Not bad for a days work.

                                                Final bits to finish off tomorrow but am rather chuffed with the result of a days hard graft.

                                                The tractor is a happy bike now

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                                                  Thanks for giving me added to the group — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                                  Thanks for giving me added to the group ...

                                                  Hello I would like to purchase a cbf 1000, latest model, I would like to know the differences between normal and ST, and most important thing that I have seen 60-70 km day workhouse kindly let me know:

                                                  average consumption

                                                  consumption to 140 km / h pace with changing brilliant march

                                                  consumption to 110 km / h with Shift as soon as possible 6 March to 50 mph thanks

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                                                    Ok guys want a bit of advise before I go rip the head of the dealer today... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                                    Ok guys, want a bit of advise before I go rip the head of the dealer, today started the bike and a weird noise like a pop came from under the seat, thought nothing of it but went to pull off and my abs light is constantly flashing ie not turning off after 6mph. Any clues as to what it is, bike is less than a year old. Hit me.

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                                                      Photos from Kristian Day's post — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                                      As some of you may know the biffer went bang again yesterday while I was cbt instructor training I decided today to part company

                                                      An I've bought a triumph tiger 1050

                                                      I do have some bits for sale such as the pillion seat hump an givi bars an rack an an ermax belly pan although not in the best Nick

                                                      An I have a colour coded tank bag cover although that's missing a few clips but easy sourced

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                                                        After many months of deliberation I ve decided to go for new exhaust slip on — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                                        After many months of deliberation I've decided to go for new exhaust slip-on. I do not regret it! Remus Hexacone looks and sounds great.

                                                        Just a short teaser bellow, some good quality pictures and videos to follow soon.

                                                        The sound is just amazing (baffle in - so no noisy nonsense yet still it sounds just beautifully)

                                                        Apart from visual and sound aesthetics the weight is reduced significantly and the throttle response improved ... having said that the ECU was tampered with by Honda's magicians post installation so it could have something to do with that.

                                                        The state of the bike not so great as the picture was taken after morning and wet commute.

                                                        Short video with sound is here

                                                        More to come.

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                                                          Photos from Zoltán Czibere's post — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

                                                          KAPPA48 topcase with KAPPA Monkey System console is for sale. I used them for my CBF1000A. Max load is about 10 kg and it can hold two helmets. Condition of the case is spared there are only small scratches resp. condition of the console is perfect. I can post them if someone interested. Price for complete system is 180 € + postal fee. Write me pm if you are interested.

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