I noticed my right bar end weight missing yesterday not sure if dropped off or... — Honda CBR 954 RR

I noticed my right bar end weight missing yesterday , not sure if dropped off or was taken , i have spare genuine stepped Honda ones so i went to replace it , on tightening up i noticed it was fowling the throttle grip which is a motr@x heated grip so i had to use 3 small washers as spacers in order to allow throttle spring back , anyone else experienced similar ? I'm not sure how the one i lost was fixed as i never had it removed , i've used small amount of thread lock to hopefully avoid same happening again .

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    BEWARE OF HASTINGS DIRECT if your garage has a window apparently its not a... — Honda CBR 954 RR

    BEWARE OF HASTINGS DIRECT if your garage has a window apparently its not a garage.

    After over 200 mins on hold to which the last call actually lasted 1hr 10 mins i finally got through to add a second garage to my policy, a garage that when i did a quote for on its own was cheaper than mine, be told the second address i wanted to garage my bike could not be classed as a garage because it has a window 4ft by 2 ft that is 4ft off the ground and would increase my premium by 50% even though someone is in most times the gate to rear garden has an isurance approved lock the garage door has a bulldog ground lock and the garage has a bulldog ground anchor surrounded by 5 and 6 ft concrete fence yet it fine to be left in my garage with no window but a handle kock only no gate lock no one home most times NO ground anchor, this is safe because it has no window, Hastings direct or your underwritters this is absoloutly rediculous and i have never had a problem using two garages before/your terms also state ' Garaged Motorcycle Clause - Increased Excess

    You have agreed that you will keep your motorcycle in a locked garage or building either at your home address or the address declared to us when your motorcycle is not being used. If a theft or attempted theft of your motorcycle occurs within a 500 metre radius of your home address or the garaging address when the motorcycle is not in a locked garage or building, we will double the compulsory excess. well its 50 meters away infact i can throw a ball from here into the garden,

    so why do i even need declare it? also when filling forms out online it never asks if garage has a window so how many are insured and dont know about the window

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      Hi guys — Honda CBR 954 RR

      Hi guys,

      Topic : cylinder head

      Question :

      Have you replaced the cylinder head without taking off and moving the engine from the frame? Is it even possible in 954?

      In some suzuki like old bandit it is possible. Lemme know please. I am about either take whole engine off or just the cylinder head hopefully.

      Thank you !

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        Need a little help y all Went to the gas station the other day was off of the... — Honda CBR 954 RR

        Need a little help y'all. Went to the gas station the other day, was off of the bike for around an hour (car/bike show). When I Went to leave I noticed the fuel pump wouldn't prime. I've bench tested the pump and it works. The relay under the rear faring clicks when I switch the run/stop switch, I'm getting power to the solid brown wire on the fuel pump harness, but nothing to the brown with black stripe wire, nor at the relay. All of my lights work, instrument, headlight, etc. The FI indicator is on but when I went to pull the codes, the red light would not flash. I've swapped relays around because I read they are all the same, and nothing. Anyone have any advice? 02 954rr

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          Hi Everyone I bought this bike last year. Runs perfectly 33000kms. 2002 — Honda CBR 954 RR

          Hi Everyone, I bought this bike last year. Runs perfectly 33000kms. 2002. But I have some problems going round a corner at low speeds. It's got bad throttle response. On/off kinda thing. What could cause this? The shops says they want do do something to the emission valve. But I'm a bit worried that's not going to help and potentially ruin the rest of my bike's response... What's your advice? It's only got the muffler changed rest is factory default.

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            Hello fellas — Honda CBR 954 RR

            Hello fellas.

            Now as the season is almost here i wanna bring my bike to the workshop and prepair her for summer.

            I'm chaging tyres, oil, filters, brakes, windshild, brake and clutch levers...

            However, i don't like at all how the original mirrors are looking when folded... i'm looking for a change.

            Can someone tell me if the mirrors from CBR 600rr (the one with the exhaust under the seat) or from 1000 rr are going on 954 as well, or do i need to make some extra holes or modify something.

            Waiting for some opinions guys, thanks.

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              Bonjour — Honda CBR 954 RR


              Je vend ma moto si il y a des intéressés je suis ouvert a la discution. Je suis en france donc si il y a des français sur le groupe?? Ou si quelqu'un et pres a faire le voyage... jen veu 4700 et tous les consommables seront fait pour la vente elle totalise 37k évolutif. Échappement MIG sous selle (Échappement français d'une grande rareté) (valeur d'occasion 1000€) filtre KN transformation de la valve en tube direct shunt au CDI verrin de direction ect... je ne l'ai jamais mal traité elle a toujours eu les temps de chauffe respecter...

              Pour plus d'information je reste ouvert

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                Photos from Chris Sams's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                my 954 ticked over 50,000 kilometers yesterday and still in almost perfect condition. starting to blow a little white smoke under sudden full throttle but apart from that you would never know her milage. should I start to think about doing the clutch plates ? anything else I should be doing at this point ?


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                  yesterday i fixed the bike i changed all the 4 spark plugs and after i let her... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                  yesterday i fixed the bike,i changed all the 4 spark plugs and after i let her to warm till the fan start to work and after i went for a little ride around the block. Huge thank you to Mika Uotinen for helping me by private message,and to Vaggelis Drag for the moral help,thanks also to all the people that helped in the comment of my first post. Ride Safe!

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                    Photos from 吳鎮光's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                    About how to unlock RPM limitation method.Please reference below picture.

                    >>Cut off the green wire and connect the black wire to the partition.<<

                    CBR954RR Version:

                    JP Version: Have 180 KM limitation.

                    ED Version:No Speed limitation, Have RPM protection.

                    Unlock Version: Go hell mode,Be careful use.(Just share my experience, have no guarantee your bike will be success.)

                    PS:If you Bike is JP model,Need change some parts, like Intake manifold and modify air filter box.

                    BTW: My red modified over 7 years already, Have no get something wrong.

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                      Hi guys just for finish the year in a perfect way my bike this morning — Honda CBR 954 RR

                      Hi guys,just for finish the year in a perfect way,my bike this morning (i'm not riding but i'm just warming the bike every morning) start to sound like the engine works with 3 cylinders instead of 4. Yesterday i swapped my leovince muffler with the stock one because in a fiew days i have to go to check the bike for the new plates,so this morning after that i found out that the bike sounds like a tractor i thought that maybe the reason could be the oem exhaust (i know it's a bullshit),so i swapped again with the leovince,i went for a quick ride around the block but the bike has the same problem..what can be the problem,the fuel pressure regulator or maybe the sparks? Happy new year to everyone!

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                        Photos from Chris Sams's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                        Bike has been getting slower to start when cold. Friends have also noticed small puffs of smoke on hard acceleration so decided to change the plugs as i had some spare new ones sitting around.

                        Found the throttle bodies to be oily and looking like this as well as the plugs looking very fouled and to have oil on them as well. Bike had fresh oil 2500ks ago, full system exhaust, servo delete, pc3 and custom tune. Bike has 47000 kilometers on the clock.

                        Valves last done at 32000 kilometers so 15,000 (not when i owned it but have recipt)

                        Should i be worried ?!?!?!

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                          Photos from Polimeni Mathia's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                          VENDO CBR 900RR 954

                          -Serbatoio tankerizzato

                          -Pompa benzina (corpo completo) NUOVA

                          -Liquidi freno nuovi

                          -Liquido radiatore nuovo, circuito radiatore svuotato e pulito con appositi prodotti,

                          -Cupolino doppia bolla e originale

                          -Verificata compressione cilindri

                          -Fatto allineamento valvole

                          -Candele iridium nuove

                          -Filtro aria sportivo BMC

                          -Flangia elimina valvola di scarico NUOVA

                          -Manopole nuove

                          -Pedane arretrate arrow ( purtroppo scambiate con le originali)

                          -Ammortizzatore di sterzo Hyperpro

                          -Pastiglie freno nuove SBS dual Carbon

                          -Scarico Arrow+ originale

                          -Tagliandata con Motul 7100

                          -Coppa olio smontata e ripulita in maniera approfondita e nuova guarnizione

                          -Guarnizione carter nuova

                          -Portatarga artigianale (non presente l'originale)

                          -Luce targa LED.

                          -Power Commander III

                          -Pompa freno Brembo 19x20

                          -Tubi in treccia

                          -Cambio elettronico Accossato

                          -Mono WP ( non ricordo il modello esatto )

                          -Forcelle pressurizzate Bitubo ECH 29

                          -Carene complete Crociata VTR verniciate senza graffi o segni

                          -Gomme Dunlop d211 usate per una giornata in pista ( mezzagiornata con pioggia )

                          -Batteria nuova montata Ottobre 2016

                          Dove possibile verranno date le parte originali.

                          la moto ha percorso SOLO strada, i componenti "racing" installati, son stati installati durante il restauro ed è possibile dimostrarlo dalle date di acquisto. ( usata la prima e unica volta in pista al Mugello il 10 ottobre quest’anno)

                          Possibilità di visionare la moto previo appuntamento anche con meccanico di fiducia.

                          Non faro' provare la moto a nessuno, in nessuno spazio pubblico o privato. Se volete si potrà portare la moto su banco prova per garantirne la perfetta funzionalità ( a spese vostre)


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                            Photos from Chris Sams's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                            Currently have athe red and black but am giving SERIOUS thought to doing a repsol change, what are peoples thoughts ? i love my 954 and really have no desire to upgrade the bike.

                            Bike currently has

                            Braided lines

                            Aftermarket Levers

                            Aftermarket screen

                            Rear Cowl

                            Full Micron exhaust

                            Power Commander

                            Custom Dyno tune with 155bhp

                            So really only other thing to upgrade would be brake calipers, master cylinder and suspension and all those are on the list

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                              Jonathan Martin shared a link to the group: Honda CBR 954 RR. — Honda CBR 954 RR

                              Dear Customers,

                              This letter is to inform you that Myrtle West Cycles after 20 Years of local customer appreciation; we will be closing our physical location located at 107 Case Ct. Little River Sc 29566 on November 19th, 2016 to the general public.

                              This is NOT the End of Myrtle West Cycle, as our online store will remain open, swingarm sales will on-line only and along with our motorcycle customization service, on an appointments only basis.

                              November 19, 2016 at 10:00 a.m., we asked that you join us at our location for our customer’s appreciation auction in an effort to clear out our entire all inventory. We’ll be selling all items for pennies on a dollar and hope you will come take advantage of these savings. Everything must go!

                              We thank you for being a loyal customer for the past 20 years that we have been in business. If you have any questions about the sale or anything else, I can be reached at 843-458-6867 or at sales@myrtlewestcycles.com.

                              Sincerely ,

                              Jonathan Martin

                              Please note not all of the motorcycle parts and other machining equipment is listed in the pre-bid and will be sold day of sale at our facility and in the live online auction! Windsreens, batterys, bol-on's, computers, kickstands, computers, desks, shop lifts, campers, boat, jetski, second story, motorcycles, etc... The list goes on and one all will be sold for pennies on a dollar! Go to the link bellow to sign up. Friday November 18th you can come to our facility to look over everything!

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                                Photos from Graham Cobb's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                Thought i'd tart up my black tail piece which should and is now soon to be red , bought Decals from a seller in Bulgaria costing $40 or£32 they looked ok but were way to big , also the RR 954 lettering is decal on decal crap !!!!! I followed the video instructions of soapy water spray etc but they would NOT take a hold of my cleaned and prepared paint work STRONGLY recommend against them , they were advertised as a full set of 954 decals , anyway there rubbish .

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                                  Just had a thought my 954 which i had just bought 8 weeks ago was running lumpy... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                  Just had a thought , my 954 which i had just bought 8 weeks ago was running lumpy at low speed so i removed the power commander and it is running better ! However i changed the plugs for new iridium as hand book says and i found one old plug wasn't even finger tight ? Could this loose plug have been cause of lumpy running as i'm considering re-fitting p/commander but it's a fiddlee operation so thought i'd ask advice ,thanks.

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                                    Ragazzi ho un problema con la mia cbr 954 del 2003 quando do tutto gas al... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                    Ragazzi ho un problema con la mia cbr 954 del 2003.... quando do tutto gas al minimo borbotta come se andasse a 3 cilindri o come se fosse ingolfata di benzina... appena supera i 4000 rpm va benissimo! Se salgo i giri gradualmente non da problemi ma se faccio le sgasate aprendo tutto l acceleratore di colpo tende anche a spegnersi... capitato a qualcuno?

                                    Guys I have a problem with my cbr 954 2003y, when I do full gas at low rpm it grunts.. as if it runs with 3 cylinders...or it have too much fuel!

                                    If I accelerate gradual it doesn't have problem, only if I do full gas... what's can it be? The sparks are new.

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                                      Brothers l have an issue with my 954 My battery is almost new but there comes... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                      Brothers l have an issue with my 954. My battery is almost new but there comes a time that I can't start my bike. One time I went to a mechanic to check the bat til he found out it was discharged so he recharged it. A month after, it was discharged again. Is it the battery or is there any other problem? Thanks brothers. Godbless us.

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                                        Hey guys need some input I have a problem with my 954 y all know ojust... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                        Hey guys, need some input, I have a problem with my 954,y'all know ojust repainted it, stripped all the fairies down and took them to Dallas to get painted,while there I added a much a new shit handle grips throttle tube new levers halo lights,last night I wrapped up getting all the fairings and lights on I change the oil fresh oil, filled the gas tank up, turn the key over several times to prime fuel pump, well it won't start,she cranks over if I give it a shot of ether it'll fire up, but it's not getting fuel to the injectors it was fine before I started stripping it down I've taken off the tank and looked in to the engine compartment to see if I might've forgotten A wiring harness or something while I was changing spark plugs, but everything looks kosher I know there's a bunch of different things that can shut off the fuel pump but I'm wondering if while I had the kill switch on the throttle taking apart if maybe that had to do use it with? Bank angle senser? One of the diodes? I just doesn't make any sense that I headed straight down and everything was fine and then when I get it put back together it's not getting fuel? need some help brothers

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                                          Tradutor — Honda CBR 954 RR




                                          < /p>

                                          Boas pessoal na minha CBR 954 partiu vela parte d rosca ficou n cilindro como fasso para tirar

                                          A apresentar tradução para Boas pessoal na minha CBR 954 partiu vela parte da rosca ficou n cilindro como fasso para tirar

                                          Em vez disso, traduzir Boas pessoal na minha CBR 954 partiu vela parte d rosca ficou n cilindro como fasso para tirar


                                          Good staff in my CBR 954 broke the thread of candle was n roll as fasso to take

                                          Partilhar esta tradução



                                          What sApp



                                          HISTÓRICOCO M ESTRELA

                                          Melhorar as traduções

                                          Pesquisa mãos-livres

                                          Diga "Traduzir amor para francês" na aplicação Google.

                                          NÃO, OBRIGADOEXPERIMENTAR A APLICAÇÃO

                                          Leia uma placa de sinalização noutro idioma, instantaneamente.

                                          NÃO, OBRIGADOEXPERIMENTAR A APLICAÇÃO

                                          Tocar para traduzir

                                          Agora, o Google Tradutor funciona em qualquer aplicação.

                                          NÃO, OBRIGADOEXPERIMENTAR

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                                            My 02 954 is none to keen to fire up when hot 85 90 degrees Fires up perfect... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                            My 02 954 is none to keen to fire up when hot , 85-90 degrees ? Fires up perfect when cold ,Battery has been checked , and it came with power commander fitted , don't know last time plugs were checked although it's been 10 k miles since last official service , i'm thinking about having power commander removed ... Is it a big job ?

                                            Cheers in advance .

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                                              i was out for a ride and a clicking started in the crank case if I engage the... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                              i was out for a ride and a clicking started in the crank case. if I engage the clutch the clicking quiets but doesn't stop. need a quick tip before I split the case again. note that my sprocket and chain are off. when in neutral I can grab the drive and it spins freely no noise at all (I guess I can't turn it fast enough by hand) how ever if I put it in gear and engage the clutch it no longer spins freely as if my clutch isn't doing anything. the part that gets me is it shifts just fine and as far as I remember if I put it in gear and engaged the clutch it would roll just fine. am I wrong to think my drive should spin freely by hand while the clutch is engaged no matter the gear? please assist, oh yeah and the clicking only happens when bike in motion

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                                                Guys and girls are you fed up with the rain drizzle and salt spray when riding... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                Guys and girls are you fed up with the rain, drizzle and salt spray when riding your Honda? Especially in city slow speed riding and therefore not enough wind to help blow off the rain. Tried of moving your head from side to side? I am that's why I have spent the last year full time designing a detachable, swappable electric wiper for your visor. It is currently in concept stage with a prototype arriving in October and I would appreciate any feedback you have, hopefully positive. So give it a look at www.rainpal.co.uk and let me know your thoughts trying to save lives here and make riding more enjoyable.

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                                                  Hey guys I got a question I was riding my 03 954 the other day and it started... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                  Hey guys I got a question I was riding my 03 954 the other day and it started getting really hot usually it stays under 190 but this was the first day I wrote it where the outside he was above 80. It seemed to do OK on the freeway but just reached over 200 at the light it has never really ran this hot before and I do not believe the fan was on. Any ideas? What are your average running temperatures when it is 80 to 90 90° outside? When does your fan kick on?

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                                                    Mauro Magliulo added 11 photos to AMAZING CBR 954 FOR SALE ON EBAY in Honda CBR 954 RR. — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                    135 rear wheel hp on dyno, 397 lb wet, full Akra Ti/carbon exhaust, Power Commander V + Auto-

                                                    tune, BMC filter, BST cf wheels, ceramic-carbon rotors, AP front monoblocks, new Galespeed variable ration master cyl, Ohlins R&T fork, Ohlins shock, cf tail section, Gilles adjustable triples, Gilles rear sets, Scotts damper, Woodcraft clip-ons w 1" rise, blue Ti fasteners throughout, tail tidy, LED signals & tail light, cf front fender, CRG lane-splitter bar-end mirrors (not shown in pictures), custom paint & graphics, new Supersprox steel/Al rear sprocket, new front sprocket & 520 chain, new fuel pump & relay, Other extras. Spare front brake pads. Swing-arm professionally lengthened 1", trail decreased 2 mm, new Q3's, Very planted front end w great feedback. Drive off corners fantastic for non-traction control bike. Well balanced and extremely fun to ride, even on poor surfaces.

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                                                      Hi guys — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                      Hi guys.

                                                      I have a weird question.

                                                      I change the oil and filter on my 954 but, it gets only 3 liters of oil.

                                                      I measure the oil that I take out and is the approx the same 3 liters.

                                                      In the service manual say it should be 3.7 liters with the filter changed.

                                                      Any ideas?

                                                      How much oil do you put in your 954?

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                                                        Hi all Iv recently got myself a 954 changed the oil and filter and air filter... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                        Hi all. Iv recently got myself a 954, changed the oil and filter and air filter and iv noticed last night when out for a ride the temps where easily and quickly within a few minutes rising above 100°C even on a cool night when idling. I either didn't notice this before the oil change (unlikley) or the oil change has now affected it. Im using castrol power 1 10-40. And coolant level was checked and fine. Any help with this ?

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                                                          Photos from Francesco Raneri's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                          Vendo forcella cbr 954 originale perfetta con kit MUPO montato all interno (molle e pompanti) cedo anche le molle e pompanti originali, pinze freno originali Nissin con kit pastiglie zcoo montate al 97% , altro kit pastiglie originali al 80% e un kit di Brembo al 40%.

                                                          Tutto a 500euro.

                                                          Posso vendere anche singolarmente.

                                                          Qualsiasi domanda o informazione!


                                                          I Sell original forks with mupo kit (springs and hydraulic kit.)

                                                          I provide also the original kit of spring and hydraulics...

                                                          Original calipers with new zcoo pads 97%

                                                          Another original kit of pads 80%

                                                          And a kit of blue Brembo pads 40%

                                                          Contact me for any question!


                                                          PayPal or postepay

                                                          I send in Europe in accord withing the shipment price.

                                                          I Sell because I mounted ohlins kit .

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                                                            Photos from Bradley Greenwood's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                            Hi guys

                                                            Possibly thinking of breaking my 954 race bike as i am going to be racing minitwins next year.

                                                            Engine has just had a major service. Leak off and compression test included.

                                                            Gearbox is brand new and has an uprated quaife box in it at a cost of nearly 2k including new clutch plates etc. All receipts to prove.(rather sell as a whole unit than break the engine up).

                                                            Ktech piston kit and resprung forks.

                                                            Ktech revalved and enlarged bladder stock shock. Sprung to my weight.

                                                            Stock calipers, rebuilt at the start of the season and serviced after every race. Only done 3 meetings. Including brake lines.

                                                            Underslung rear caliper conversion and hrc lifter swingarm. Still uses stock caliper so to stock rules. Including braided line for stock m/cylinder.

                                                            Brembo rcs master cylinder. Slight scuffing to the lever and top due to low speed spill. Can include reservoir and tubing.

                                                            3 sets of wheels.

                                                            2 sets of front discs. 2 rear discs.

                                                            Power commander 3 and pc quickshifter.

                                                            Translogic quickshifter. 2 meetings old.

                                                            Renthal clip ons including spare tubes.

                                                            Reworked exhaust system to remove htev valve. This has been done profesionally to stop exhaust turbulance.

                                                            Akropovic exhaust can? Shortened. Full system around 101db without baffle. Baffle included.

                                                            2 sets of rearsets. Dan moto and performance technical. Both scuffed on the pegs.

                                                            Shortened race rear subframe.

                                                            All other usual parts, frame with v5c, wiring loom, clocks, etc. Anything you need just ask.

                                                            Obviously the bike is a race bike so some parts are not mint. Has been since i brought it 3 years ago.

                                                            99% of the work has been profesionally done by Paul @ BTD racing.



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                                                              Hey guys im getting ready to build a second motor for my 02. Couple questions — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                              Hey guys,im getting ready to build a second motor for my 02. Couple questions.

                                                              1.What pistons should i use? Oem hond,Wiseco or any other brands you reccomend?

                                                              2. Stock is 11.5:1,all i can find for aftermarket is 12:1 and up. What would you use?

                                                              3. Aftermarket gaskets or are oem better?

                                                              4. Any tips on anything i should improve while im in there? This is a full rebuild (pistons,rods,main bearings,cylinders being replatedetc)

                                                              Im thinking of aftermarket rods since ive heard of alot of rod failures

                                                              5. Are there any aftermarket main bearings ava besides oem? TIA GUYS N GALS

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                                                                Bonjour — Honda CBR 954 RR


                                                                Qui sait si on peut remplacer les cornet de boite a air d'origine par ceux d'une autre moto?

                                                                Je pensais au cornet de boite a air du CBR 1000 de 2005 qui ressemble bien au fixation. Quelqu'un aurait il deja fait ce genre de modification?

                                                                Tous sa pour reduire la taille a moindre coup.

                                                                Et si vous avez des idée pour pouvoir faire ou fabriquer une aération dinamique?

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                                                                  Any advise guys and girls I have a 929 2002 and want to make the exhaust louder... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                                  Any advise guys and girls I have a 929 2002 and want to make the exhaust louder, I've cut the can down by 5 inches but not much louder.. I want to take out the x-up valve in my pipe but not sure the way to go around it and need to some how jam the valve open once I've taken the cables out. Help would be much appreciated :)

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                                                                    Attachment Unavailable — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                                    Fuel tanks for sale! Check below for the model/years listed. Don't see the tank you need? Send us a message we may have it! These are just a few of the better condition tanks left over.


                                                                    05/06 GSXR 1000 Silver/black

                                                                    06/07 GSXR 600/750,Blue

                                                                    06/07 GSXR 600/750,Black

                                                                    06/07 GSXR 600/750,Grey

                                                                    99-07 Hayabusa 1300 Purple/black

                                                                    99-07 Hayabusa 1300 Red/silver

                                                                    04/05 GSXR 600/750 Yellow


                                                                    04-06 R1 Black

                                                                    04-06 R1 Black

                                                                    07-08 R1 Black

                                                                    07-08 R1 Blue/silver custom paint


                                                                    07/08 zx6r Silver

                                                                    08-10 Zx10 Green

                                                                    06-11 zx14 Black


                                                                    02/03 Black Honda 954rr minor dent (not pictured)

                                                                    99 Red Honda 900r One side dent (not pictured)

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                                                                      Photos from Ryan Bailey's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                                      2002 Honda 954rr in excellent condition with only 10,300 miles. NO LIGHTS NO ISSUES!! Brand New Metzler M7rr front and rear tires. Also new chain & sprockets -1 in the front +2 in the rear, smoked double bubble windscreen, frame sliders, led front signals and rear smoked integrated led taillight. Also a custom made exhaust imported from England made just for the 954rr. Fresh oil & filter as well. You won't find a cleaner, better running/riding 954rr this nice with only 10,300 miles.

                                                                      Asking $4,700

                                                                      Located in Naples Florida 34134

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                                                                        Hi guys any suggestion on a steering damper for my 954 I want one because when... — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                                        Hi guys, any suggestion on a steering damper for my 954. I want one because when i go over 200-250km/h it starts wobbeling and i don't like it. I went to the mechanic the other day and said that i don't have a problem with my steering or something. He said that i need a steering damper. What do you guys say?

                                                                        PS: 250km/h street legal. (Germany

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                                                                          Photos from Chris Shaw's post — Honda CBR 954 RR

                                                                          Looking to trade for a cruiser

                                                                          2003 Honda CBR 954



                                                                          Front sprocket

                                                                          Digital voltage meter




                                                                          Speed sensor

                                                                          Hid high and low

                                                                          Rear seat was just rewrapped

                                                                          Green LED under glow

                                                                          Freshly polished aluminum wheels they were black

                                                                          In the past month I have checked the valves they are good

                                                                          I synced the throttle bodies last Wednesday rear tire has about 500 miles on it front has about 3000 both in great shape

                                                                          Lowered 2" in the rear 1-1/2 in the front

                                                                          New double bubble windscreen

                                                                          New blinkers (rear)

                                                                          Replaced the clutch plates about 5000 miles ago

                                                                          New mirrors

                                                                          Two brothers slip on exhaust


                                                                          Rear brake pads

                                                                          And a new nose fairing the one on it is good just broke on both side due to the mirror bolts being to tight never been wrecked/played over has been dropped in the garage due to kids toy in the way can hardly tell very well maintained garage kept

                                                                          Also I'd due for oil change

                                                                          60k odometer reading runs like a champ VERY fast other than that all stock

                                                                          %d comments