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first video is with no one on the bike,the second one is with my girlfriend on the bike,much better the chain now than yesterday..Thank you so much to everyone for the help =)


I noticed my right bar end weight missing yesterday not sure if dropped off or... — Honda CBR 954 RR

I noticed my right bar end weight missing yesterday , not sure if dropped off or was taken , i have spare genuine stepped Honda ones so i went to replace it , on tightening up i noticed it was fowling the throttle grip which is a motr@x heated grip so i had to use 3 small washers as spacers in order to allow throttle spring back , anyone else experienced similar ? I'm not sure how the one i lost was fixed as i never had it removed , i've used small amount of thread lock to hopefully avoid same happening again .


BEWARE OF HASTINGS DIRECT if your garage has a window apparently its not a... — Honda CBR 954 RR

BEWARE OF HASTINGS DIRECT if your garage has a window apparently its not a garage.

After over 200 mins on hold to which the last call actually lasted 1hr 10 mins i finally got through to add a second garage to my policy, a garage that when i did a quote for on its own was cheaper than mine, be told the second address i wanted to garage my bike could not be classed as a garage because it has a window 4ft by 2 ft that is 4ft off the ground and would increase my premium by 50% even though someone is in most times the gate to rear garden has an isurance approved lock the garage door has a bulldog ground lock and the garage has a bulldog ground anchor surrounded by 5 and 6 ft concrete fence yet it fine to be left in my garage with no window but a handle kock only no gate lock no one home most times NO ground anchor, this is safe because it has no window, Hastings direct or your underwritters this is absoloutly rediculous and i have never had a problem using two garages before/your terms also state ' Garaged Motorcycle Clause - Increased Excess

You have agreed that you will keep your motorcycle in a locked garage or building either at your home address or the address declared to us when your motorcycle is not being used. If a theft or attempted theft of your motorcycle occurs within a 500 metre radius of your home address or the garaging address when the motorcycle is not in a locked garage or building, we will double the compulsory excess. well its 50 meters away infact i can throw a ball from here into the garden,

so why do i even need declare it? also when filling forms out online it never asks if garage has a window so how many are insured and dont know about the window


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Hi guys,

Topic : cylinder head

Question :

Have you replaced the cylinder head without taking off and moving the engine from the frame? Is it even possible in 954?

In some suzuki like old bandit it is possible. Lemme know please. I am about either take whole engine off or just the cylinder head hopefully.

Thank you !


Need a little help y all Went to the gas station the other day was off of the... — Honda CBR 954 RR

Need a little help y'all. Went to the gas station the other day, was off of the bike for around an hour (car/bike show). When I Went to leave I noticed the fuel pump wouldn't prime. I've bench tested the pump and it works. The relay under the rear faring clicks when I switch the run/stop switch, I'm getting power to the solid brown wire on the fuel pump harness, but nothing to the brown with black stripe wire, nor at the relay. All of my lights work, instrument, headlight, etc. The FI indicator is on but when I went to pull the codes, the red light would not flash. I've swapped relays around because I read they are all the same, and nothing. Anyone have any advice? 02 954rr


Hi Everyone I bought this bike last year. Runs perfectly 33000kms. 2002 — Honda CBR 954 RR

Hi Everyone, I bought this bike last year. Runs perfectly 33000kms. 2002. But I have some problems going round a corner at low speeds. It's got bad throttle response. On/off kinda thing. What could cause this? The shops says they want do do something to the emission valve. But I'm a bit worried that's not going to help and potentially ruin the rest of my bike's response... What's your advice? It's only got the muffler changed rest is factory default.


Hello fellas — Honda CBR 954 RR

Hello fellas.

Now as the season is almost here i wanna bring my bike to the workshop and prepair her for summer.

I'm chaging tyres, oil, filters, brakes, windshild, brake and clutch levers...

However, i don't like at all how the original mirrors are looking when folded... i'm looking for a change.

Can someone tell me if the mirrors from CBR 600rr (the one with the exhaust under the seat) or from 1000 rr are going on 954 as well, or do i need to make some extra holes or modify something.

Waiting for some opinions guys, thanks.


Bonjour — Honda CBR 954 RR


Je vend ma moto si il y a des intéressés je suis ouvert a la discution. Je suis en france donc si il y a des français sur le groupe?? Ou si quelqu'un et pres a faire le voyage... jen veu 4700 et tous les consommables seront fait pour la vente elle totalise 37k évolutif. Échappement MIG sous selle (Échappement français d'une grande rareté) (valeur d'occasion 1000€) filtre KN transformation de la valve en tube direct shunt au CDI verrin de direction ect... je ne l'ai jamais mal traité elle a toujours eu les temps de chauffe respecter...

Pour plus d'information je reste ouvert


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my 954 ticked over 50,000 kilometers yesterday and still in almost perfect condition. starting to blow a little white smoke under sudden full throttle but apart from that you would never know her milage. should I start to think about doing the clutch plates ? anything else I should be doing at this point ?



yesterday i fixed the bike i changed all the 4 spark plugs and after i let her... — Honda CBR 954 RR

yesterday i fixed the bike,i changed all the 4 spark plugs and after i let her to warm till the fan start to work and after i went for a little ride around the block. Huge thank you to Mika Uotinen for helping me by private message,and to Vaggelis Drag for the moral help,thanks also to all the people that helped in the comment of my first post. Ride Safe!


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About how to unlock RPM limitation method.Please reference below picture.

>>Cut off the green wire and connect the black wire to the partition.<<

CBR954RR Version:

JP Version: Have 180 KM limitation.

ED Version:No Speed limitation, Have RPM protection.

Unlock Version: Go hell mode,Be careful use.(Just share my experience, have no guarantee your bike will be success.)

PS:If you Bike is JP model,Need change some parts, like Intake manifold and modify air filter box.

BTW: My red modified over 7 years already, Have no get something wrong.