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Selling my cbr 250r that I've had for about a year. Great beginner bike. I think it was a beginner bike for some of the previous owners as it has signs of being dropped but I have replaced the clutch and brake levers and everything works great. Also has an almost brand new rear tire. Bikes not perfect but runs fine starts every time and gets over 70 mpg. Pretty stock bike with some custom lights. Feel free to message with any questions or picture requests. Looking for $3,000 OBO or trade for something like a crf250l (dual sport or supermoto) or a ford econoline.

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Oem fairings — Honda CBR Owners Forum

Anyone interested in some oem fairings from a 07 600?

Very minor cosmetic blemishes due to her age. And a exhaust burn on the left lower.

If interested I'll share pics of them up close. But I want a fair sale. These are oem and these are pretty damn clean.

Oem fairings

$500 - Columbia, TN

Anyone interested in some oem fairings from a 07 600?

Very minor cosmetic blemishes due to her age. And a exhaust burn on the left lower.

If interested I'll share pics of them up close. But I want a fair sale. These are oem and these are pretty damn clean.

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    Alright here s my issue I bought my 06 CBR600RR used and when I went to go... — Honda CBR Owners Forum

    Alright here's my issue. I bought my 06 CBR600RR used and when I went to go change the cct if found a little problem; the jackass who had it before my totally stripped out one of the two hex bolts that hold it down, I mean completely rounded it out so no allen key will work and now I can't get it out; any suggestions?????

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      07 cbr600rr — Honda CBR Owners Forum

      07 Honda Cbr600rr. I'm shooting for around 6950 with

      the bike

      A stand,

      3 helmets (1 female - 1 brand new)

      5 jackets (1 female)

      2 gloves

      1 pair of riding boots

      A brand new rear tire.

      On the bike I've done;

      Puig double bubble blacked out windshield,

      Puig frame sliders

      Red shorty levers

      6500k ultra bright 55 watt HIDs,

      slip-on Toce exhaust (only one I've seen with it on, gets lots of compliments)

      Tst fender eliminator kit with led license plate light

      Tst Led In-tail integrated tail light (programmable)

      Red things for the stands (forget what they're called).

      Overall, there isn't much to do to the bike. It's basically all done. I'll be getting out of motorcycling as I can't risk my career by getting hurt. She's only been wheelied once, but again didn't want to risk my career so only did it once. Has 94xx miles and 80% if which are highway miles at 70mph. She's never been down, however she was knocked over once while in my garage, engine off, not moving while I was away at school. This didn't damage anything.

      Shoot me an offer.

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        Company s are just not this nice good anymore. Please read the long post below — Honda CBR Owners Forum

        Company's are just not this nice/good anymore! Please read the long post below.

        So, as some of you saw by a couple of my posts, I was going to sell my Kabuto helmet that I bought a month ago because I bought it to large. I bought a XL and it is just to big. I have been trying on helmets like crazy trying to find a good fit etc. Well I decided to email Kabuto today and ask them if purchasing a set of internals for a Large helmet would basically turn the helmet into a Large instead of an XL. Based on their website it would be about $50 to $60. They sent me a reply within an hour and a half, on a Sunday, and said that yes it would work and to send them my address and they will send me a set right away. No cost! That is so amazing! For a company to actually care about their customers now a days is very rare. Especially since it isn't their fault. I HIGHLY recommend anyone in the market for a new helmet to at least check out the Kabuto helmets. I just felt the need to share some good news in this horrible, mean, greedy world. I don't know if this is going to work, but either way I am impressed.

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          Photos from Steve Wilson's post — Honda CBR Owners Forum

          Someone give us a hand please.

          1999 RRX.

          Took my standard silencer off the bike, there's a piece of tubing sticking out from the flange on the end of the headers (pic 1).

          Had a look at some pics of replacement headers & they don't seem to have this piece (pic 2).

          I've got a replacement silencer to go on but it's got a piece of tubing sticking out from the end of the silencer (pic 3).

          When I offer the replacement silencer up to the headers the piece from the silencer goes inside the piece on the end of the headers but because of this the 2 flanges don't come together (pic 4) like they should in pic 5 which is a picture of the silencer fitted to another bike.


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            Hiya little help please had this love of my life for nearly a year now but when... — Honda CBR Owners Forum

            Hiya little help please had this love of my life for nearly a year now, but when I brake lightly it feels like really juddery like I'm pressing the front brake on and off really quickly, I work on cars for a living, so fairly good with my hands, I'm assuming warped disc is this common? I don't have loads of money to spare, so where do I start? How do I know which one? Does it have to be both discs? Any help greatly appreciated!

            Pads have been stripped cleaned and lubed, so don't think it's them unfortunately

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              After a post by another member on our page — Honda CBR Owners Forum

              After a post by another member on our page

              This goes to everyone on here.

              If you have got a issue with the page Be it Admin or a moderator or something else let me know

              And I will try to put it right.

              I have notice join rate has halved since adding new moderators.

              Which could be down to many reasons. And not pointing the finger at anyone at all. I know how hard it can be to tell if a person coming to the group is a biker.

              If unsure let them join. As found many a time that they can be a biker. And just not got there bike on there profile


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                Kabuto Kamui Stinger Flat Black/Flash Yellow — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                Selling my brand new helmet because I bought it to big. It is an XL. They are $300 US dollars new. Asking $100 US dollars. Less than a month old. Only wore a few times. You pay shipping to wherever you are. Let me know.

                Kabuto Kamui Stinger Flat Black/Flash Yellow

                £100 - Jeffersonville, IN (47130)

                Selling my brand new helmet because I bought it to big. It is an XL. They are $300 US dollars new. Asking $100 US dollars. Less than a month old. Only wore a few times. You pay shipping to wherever you are. Let me know.

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                  Recommended places in — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                  Didn't get a response last time, so I'm going to ask again and hopefully get the response I'm hoping for. Does anybody know a mechanic that works on motorcycles in the Long Island, NY Nassau/Suffolk area, preferably Suffolk???? Don't wanna go to the stealership to get work done on my bike

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                    Photos from Richard Scroggins's post — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                    So if any of you are thinking about ordering the Saddlemen GP-V1 seat, do it now. Best $200 I have spent on my bike bar none. It is an amazing seat and fit and finish is second to none. I ordered mine from Motorcycle Superstore and got it in a few days. The backseat cover was wrong so I called Saddlemen and asked them about models and fitments. The gentleman I talked to asked my make and model and stated that one would be custom made and sent out asap. Today I received a tracking order for the new cover as well as taking the seat on a 300 mile ride. Couldn't be happier.

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                      NEW BKS Brooklands Black Leather Motorcycle Sports Jacket EU 58 / UK Size 48 — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                      Lovely jacket, pin hole vented, protective padding on elbow and shoulder, supple leather in matt black. Zip ready for fixing to leather trousers. Back pocket for back protector. Never worn on bike.

                      Official blurb

                      The BKS Brooklands Leather Motorcycle Jacket is designed and cut to be worn separately or as a two piece suit with the BKS004 Trouser, and features a leather construction using 1.3mm – 1.5mm premium grade cowhide, heavy-duty 10 gauge connecting jacket waist zip to ensure secure waist connection, reinforced seams using extra heavy thread and multiple row inseams, high performance CE Approved impact protectors fitted at elbows and shoulders, lining pocket for insertion of back protector, extensive double layered leather over the shoulder and upper arm, total wraparound elbow and forearm, race fit with pre-curved arms, jacket torso double Kevlar stretch panel facilitates easier breathing and torso expansion, extensive use of stretch Kevlar fabric (inside arm, shoulder, chest and around the neck) to enhance rider comfort and flexibility on the bike, fixed Spacer Mesh lining adds better air circulation making jacket cooler in Summer but warmer in Winter, torso padding uses ‘memory foam’ technology over the side of the ribs, collar is shaped to allow freedom of movement at both back with pop stud closure at the front and ventilation across several suit panels: hole-punched and micro-perforated leather.

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                        Well as per the group rules I am new here so I am adding my CBR 600f4i pic — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                        Well, as per the group rules , I am new here so I am adding my CBR 600f4i pic.

                        This is my first sportbike but not my first bike. I started on a 1986 Honda nighthawk 450 and rode it for a year (everyday to work even during winter time) and stepped up my game a bit and picked up this bad boy. All it needed was a fluid change (oil, brakes and coolant) and the chain needed to be clean and tightened. Since buying it I added an exhaust, windscreen, levers and bar ends. A fender eliminator is in the future but not I too much of a rush. But here she is...

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                          question — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                          Would any one no why with my cbr1000f 91

                          I can't change gear from 2 nd to 3rd very easy I've got to rev it up to change also same changing down only seems to be these two gears

                          Would any one no why with my cbr1000f 91

                          I can't change gear from 2 nd to 3rd very easy I've got to rev it up to change also same changing down only seems to be these two gears

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                            Dear all need some help and advise if thats ok had a spill the other night i... — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                            Dear all, need some help and advise if thats ok?... had a spill the other night, i was lucky to come out quite unscathed but my bike wasn't so lucky :( it slid down the road into the rear of a car, no damage to the car but my fairings and screen took an absolute battering, now i have a spare screen so all good there and i've been lucky that side fairings have just popped out..here's the problem, when i attempt to put them back in all is fine but on one side of the wing mirror brackets from the headlight frame i'm now way out, could it be the fairings are bent that much or is my headlight frame bent? in a normal undamage frame do both wing mirror brackets line up perfectly alined or is there natural difference? deperate for help if anyone can assist?? thanks Tim

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                              Hi guys iv got a bit of an issue and want a bit of an expert opinion before I... — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                              Hi guys, iv got a bit of an issue and want a bit of an expert opinion before I buy a new battery lol, my bike starts every morning without fail I ride her 7 miles to work, stop at shop just down the road from my work and when I get back on her she won't start? it's as so as the battery is dead, can't find any lose connections or wiring.

                              What has me stumped is she starts first time every time in the mornings but then won't start if I stop and turn the engine off and she's a bitch to bump start, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

                              Thanks in advance

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                                Hey guys F4i y 2004 question is it normal that throttle when idling... — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                                Hey guys. F4i y.2004 question... is it normal that throttle when idling fluctuates, like when i try to hold it on 3k rpm it dropes and rises from 2.5-3.5k rpm? Had "changed" injectors and maybe was also changed throttle body. After that had problems with idle and rised it to 1.5k rpm. Also just now noticed that throttle bar stucks a bit and revs on its own if i give it a slight turn... Could be problem in throttle line or tps sensor or injectors again? Is there a way to set throttle body how much it opens on fuel injected bike? Ty.

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                                  Michael Gumpert shared a Page to the group: Honda CBR Owners Group. — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                                  Danish design - Danish quality - race fit - highest security - CE Approve level 2 - we make no compromises - because your security means more to us than profit

                                  1.2 to 1.3 mm primium cow- 627 British pound

                                  0.8 -0.9 mm kangaroo leather - 969. British pound

                                  ++ plus shipping

                                  We also design complete sets .. boots, gloves and suit .. before we start the design must deposit 70 pounds .. write to us or call

                                  . about 14 days from order to delivery..

                                  . but have in mind quality takes time and if we need two more days so it is perfækt ... please give us them .. but you will be informed

                                  https://www.facebook.com/MG-Design-178032466562660 3/

                                  Vi designer og skræddersyer super kvalitet læder udstyr i 1.2-1,3mm ko læder men også i kænguru Læder Premium Kvalitet 8mm til 9mm ALT i race kvalitet!.

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                                    Bags Connection / SW Motech Daypack - Quick Release / 12v - Tankbag — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                                    This Bags Connection / SW Motech tank bag mounts onto a tank ring* that is secured onto the filler cap.

                                    This is a quick release combination that allows for quick removal of tank bag.

                                    The supplied wiring harness allows for a 12v power supply to be fed into the tank bag, the supply is only activated when the tank bag is connected to the tank ring.

                                    Volume: 5-9L (expandable)

                                    Dimensions: 30x21x15cm


                                    1x Tankbag

                                    1x 12v Harness

                                    1x HONDA Tankring

                                    1x Packaging bag inc. Instruction

                                    *Bike specific QUICK-LOCK EVO tank ring required.

                                    Please check compatibility before considering purchase... http://www.motohaus.com/acatalog/tankring.pdf

                                    Can be posted at an agreed additional cost

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                                      Hey guys finally started tearing into my 2000 600 f4 Engine been smoking at... — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                                      Hey guys, finally started tearing into my 2000 600 f4. Engine been smoking at idle, pretty positive she needs new valve guides. While it's out and getting worked on I've been thinking about anything else that can be done. (New rings, cam chain, etc) My mind began to consider performance stuff, big bore kits, cams, things of that nature? I briefly searched and it seems that most reputable places have discontinued for the bike, I'm assuming from its age. Anything y'all would recommend to squeeze out some more power, or just get it back together like normal and give her hell?

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                                        2006 CBR1000RR — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                                        Just under 21k miles, but it's been geared even before I picked it up, so mileage isn't 100% correct. Have done some minor upgrades and corrections as well, no leaks or weird noises. All fluids have been changed when I bought it, so everything is fresh. Fun bike, but needs to go, will also include an Icon jacket . Still owe on it (has a lien with Navy Federal Credit Union), we can discuss details bout that & more on the bike if interested.

                                        $5500 OR BEST OFFER.

                                        Located in Savannah, GA

                                        Driven 520 chain kit, -1 in the front

                                        ProBolt rear sprocket nuts

                                        BMC air filters

                                        FMF exhaust (shortened muffler)

                                        Intake flapper mod

                                        Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen

                                        Shorty adjustable levers

                                        Shorty LED stalks

                                        Motodynamic Sequential LED tail light

                                        Aftermarket relay to eliminate the fast blinker

                                        Aftermarket fender eliminator

                                        Hel braided brake lines F+R

                                        Hel braided clutch line

                                        Brand new rear cowl

                                        Swingarm spools

                                        Powercommander 3 with base map

                                        Reflective white wheel tape

                                        Pilot Powers with still plenty of tread left

                                        R6 Throttle tube mod

                                        I have the passenger seat, rear pegs, oem dark tinted windscreen, flush mounted front blinkers, brand new All Balls Racing wheel bearings, and some other misc parts that will be included.

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                                          Adam Winchester shared a link to the group: Honda CBR Owners Group. — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                                          2004 CBR 600RR question:

                                          My turn signal switch has started getting very fickle. I have to move it to just the right position if I go to far it'll turn back off. When its on all the lights are coming on like they should so i don't think its a short.

                                          Do I just need a new turn signal switch? #5 http://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/2004-honda-cbr 600rr/o/m2056#sch408878

                                          Anyone else have this problem before?

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                                            Honda fireblade 2011 — Honda CBR Owners Forum

                                            2011 honda fireblade for sale

                                            11,000 miles

                                            John mcguniess tt legends spray job

                                            Carbon fibre frame protectors

                                            Carbon fibre swing arm protectors

                                            Carbon fibre heel plates

                                            Carbon fibre rear guard

                                            R&G radiator guard

                                            R&G crash bungs

                                            R&G tail tidy

                                            R&G fork protectors

                                            R&G bar end sliders

                                            GB racing engine covers

                                            Harris quick release fuel cap

                                            Custom seat covers

                                            Asv levers

                                            TT screen

                                            Rental grips

                                            Bmc airfilter

                                            Power commander 5

                                            Yoshi rr7 end can in carbon fibre

                                            Servo buddy

                                            Goodridgh braided brake lines

                                            Very well looked after bike, has been kept in the house since it rolled out of the factory so it's immaculate, is has a few stone chips to the paint work but nothing too bad.

                                            It's just had an oil change with a k&n filter and new front pads. The oil is changed twice a year. The bike runs extremely well and has had a lot of money spent on it, it has 6 months mot left on it the only pick up was the head stock needs a slight adjustment.

                                            I accidently caught the end can on my race bike pegs and it has damaged the carbon fibre (see photos), it will need to be repaired or replaced as it moves a lot when it's running.

                                            The bike will come with:

                                            Original honda screen

                                            Standard levers

                                            The standard exhaust

                                            Spare Left and right fairings

                                            A brand new full ventureshield kit

                                            Only selling it as I don't use it anymore


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                                              Photos from Max Rizzo's post — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                              Will be removing the swingarm on my f4i. Got a good idea on how to secure the bike with it off, but would like to see people's ideas if they've ever done it. I have access to an overhead winch system in my garage, and was thinking of doing front stand, jack stand under the engine directly behind the headers, and winch to the subframe.

                                              Pic of the f4i and tool I made for swingarm removal

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                                                Hi guys — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                                Hi guys.

                                                I got a CBR600FA (ABS) 2011 with a Power Commander V installed.

                                                I'm considering to install a Quickshifter module too but since this is a bike that has only been on the market for 2 years, it's hard to find the correct information which exact type will fit on my bike.

                                                Can anybody over here help me with this.

                                                Thx. ;)

                                                I live in Belgium.

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                                                  Custom light up screen for your cbr! — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                                  For sale is to get a CUSTOM LED LIGHT UP WINDSCREEN for your bike!!! We can do pretty much any design and in a wide array of colors. Pricing includes new windscreen, paintwork, lightwork, and shipping to your door! Example pricing is as low as $295 for a basic design like the Yamaha logo..or high as $495 for Batman setup. We also do regular graphic screens as pictured. Contact me for further details and quotes. Separate your bike from the rest and stand out from the crowd!

                                                  LIKE US Deucemotocustoms

                                                  Atlanta based-Service WORLDWIDE!

                                                  INSTAGRAM: @Deucemoto1


                                                  deucemoto1@ho tmail.com

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                                                    Hey guys new to this forum and have a bit of a problem — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                                    Hey guys new to this forum, and have a bit of a problem.

                                                    I took off the front fairing of my bike and disconnected the 3 plugs that went to my main wire harness and after plugging them back in, the bike will not start. The only part of the bike thats getting power is the clock on the dash.

                                                    Sorry if I was unclear, I can provide more information if needed

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                                                      RR2 954 FireBlade — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                                      2002 hpi clear RR2 , 34k miles , m3 power commander , both tyre almost new , Michelin pilots , mot march but will have mot'd for extra £50 , standard and race can , seat cowl + pillion seat , no dings or dongs . Previous owner painted rear cowl black but no damage i can see , plugs etc done by me 4 months back , looking to get back to my favoured RRX MUST be sub 25 k miles , also got heated grips and spends most of life in heated dry shed on trickle charge . Price is NOT flexible as already a bargain and in no rush , minimal service history but have 2 keys .

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                                                        2013 Honda CBR500R — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                                        Have my 2013 Honda CBR500R in amazing condition with only 87xx miles. Has a ton of extra goodies, still have stock parts, and all aftermarket are high quality and I've kept the stickers so if you want to put them on you choose where they go. This bike has all fresh fluids, a brand new K&N Air Filter, R&G Fender eliminator, R&G Engine Cover, Coffman Exhaust, RK Fr/ Rr Sprocket and chain, HotBodies Blinkers all around, CBR Weighted Bar Ends, ProGrip Carbon Fiber Tank protector, matching bar shorty Levers American made forged or cnc ( all those have about 50 miles on them on the bike). Bike has some cool tech like an actual fuel gauge and average mpg.

                                                        Averages around 60mpg.

                                                        This bike is in amazing condition, I have a clean title in hand. Bike without any extras is at $4200. For $4500 you'll get a stand, helmet, gloves, and stock parts. Everything you would need to be ready for the riding season! Needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. Looks very sleek and aggressive.

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                                                          New CBR owner here so pardon any dumb questions. It s my first sport bike — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                                          New CBR owner here so pardon any dumb questions. It's my first sport bike. 1998 CBR 900RR 17,xxx miles. Just a couple questions. I was able to get it out for a weekend. The bike ran great. Sounds great, rides smooth and very fast. Previous owner claims its all stock but the exhaust, and its been lowered and stretched out a little. I'm wondering what the normal operating temperature should be. I was running anywhere between 140-160°. Is that where I should be? It also came with a whole new set of non painted plastic. You can't really tell from the pic but the paint job is kinda crumby and its missing some bolts here and there. What would a ballpark price be on a new paint job and bolt/screw kit? Probably just go with a metallic black, or keep the grey color but it definitely needs a new coat of paint to get it looking sharp. (To my standards anyways) thanks in advance.

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                                                            Brian O'Dell shared a link to the group: Honda CBR Owners Group. — Honda CBR Owners Group

                                                            Guys n girls, the Forsaken Guardians RC are doing a PTSD Awareness ride IOT raise funds for Sufferers of PTSD. All I ask is you take a look at the event which has a FB page and like, follow and share the event. Any help, awareness support they can get would be much appreciated.

                                                            The charities we will be raising for in this instance are:

                                                            Supporting Ex forces Families with PTSD


                                                            Erskine Veterans Hospital


                                                            Wiltshire Air Ambulance



                                                            North east Air Ambulance



                                                            https://www.facebook.com/groups/ForsakenguardiansR C/


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                                                              02 honda 954 — Honda CBR Owners Group


                                                              Runs and shifts great. Needs nothing but an oil change . tires are about 70 percent tread. Looking to get 3800. No trades. I can pm more pictures

                                                              02 honda 954

                                                              $3,800 - Rockford, IL (61107)

                                                              Runs and shifts great. Needs nothing but an oil change . tires are about 70 percent tread. Looking to get 3800. No trades. I can pm more pictures

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