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2 hour testride, still deciding between this and a 2013-2014 Multistrada.

Have to book a second testride because I did not do highway riding, wich shows a lot of the capacities of a bike in general such a windprotection and take overs.


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Hi all,

Anybody out there with a poor paint finish on their radiator?

Just had mine replaced under warranty and the replacement one is exactly the same.

While at the dealers, I checked a used Crosstourer and that was the same too.

It looks like Honda are not preparing the radiators properly prior to painting or powder coating, resulting in a patchy and uneven finish.

The three radiators I've seen are marked in the same places, suggesting something going on in the factory.

Any thoughts before I contact Honda UK?


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Hi people, I was wondering if anyone knows about part numbers or after market kits for the fairing. I have a bolt that I need to cut off. I'm sure that's going to be fun. It is the fairing bolt that screws into the tank lug. The clip has snapped and I have no idea how I can grip that to get the bolt out, so cutting the head of and removing the fairing right side seems my only option. Once the fairing is off, I'm sure it'll make life easier. If anyone has had the same issue or can recommend another solution, that'll be amazing, if not a part number so I can order the new bolt and clip, or a more practical after market solution. Many thanks. I need to remove the fairing as I have purchased a Innovv camera system, also recommended from you guys. Thanks


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Right guys.... its with a sad heart I have to say I'm leaving the CT fold. After a very poor customer service issue I didn't think Honda deserved my custom... in the short term anyway. I loved my first CT but couldn't quite get excited about the second with the issues I had. The bike was faultless but the support wasn't. Adam knows what I'm on about.

So here is my new ride and I'll keep popping in every now and again to check on your adventures.


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*Viajar de Moto*

"Creio que o grande "trunfo" de viajar de motocicleta é estar a milhares de kms de casa, e olhar para este pequeno veículo com algumas bagagens e dizer para sí mesmo:

" Isso é o que nos trouxe até aqui! Isso nos leva onde quisermos!"

Mas, além disso, viajar de moto é se dar conta, ou certificar-se, que precisamos de muito pouco para sermos felizes.

Viajar de moto é se dar conta que temos muita coisa que não precisamos. Muita coisa supérflua que as vezes valorizamos demais.

Viajar de moto é planejar, pesquisar, e depois na hora descobrir que existe outro caminho. É descobrir que você vai se virar na estrada, e vai rir do que der errado.

É estar num lugar estranho e ser cercado por pessoas estranhas que lhe tratam bem sem nunca terem lhe visto, perguntando pra onde vai e de onde veio.

É descobrir que tanta gente que mesmo que não ande de moto, gosta e curte isso que você faz.

É abrir mão do conforto de outro tipo de viagem que talvez seria mais barata levando em conta todo equipamento e gastos com a moto, para sentir na pele ( sentir, não sofrer) o frio, o calor, o vento, a maresia, a poeira...

Sentir, isso é o que queremos, e precisamos. Sentir que estamos vivos!"

(Autor desconhecido)


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Hi Crosstourer's and pillions, I would appreciate some help. I have a Spa Autocom system with additional bluetooth module, for rider and pillion. Before the whole forum says, bluetooth, bluetooth, I must explain that Mandy and I changed to Autocom as we have suffered bluetooth headsets for a number of years. 3 pairs of Interphones where conversation became impossible due to loose connections and background noise, after a few months. 2 Cardo's where they just suffered background noise after a few months and a Senna where the flimsy boom attaching the mike (aka thin wire) became detached.

The hard wired, autocom system has never failed us, on my last two GS's. My Honda Distributor has been brilliant and everything other than the autocom, has been fitted perfectly. When I contacted them regarding the autocom, I was advised that they normally just transfer it from bike to bike. So unfortunately they have not had the benefit of hind sight.

I have supplied them with a new Deluxe fitting kit from Autocom, which I suspect has an issue with Honda plastic. Do any of you have Autocom fitted? If so where are the rubber headset socket mounts fitted? My brand new ones, fitted by my Honda specialist have fallen off.


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Anybody else mounted the Vfr F wider wheels or DN01 wheels on their CT?

Wanna see more pics :)

Also, who has tried this ECU flash? 1200/crosstourer-honda-vfr-120 0-x-tuning/index.html lash-Tuning-fuer-Honda-VFR-120 0-Steuergeraet-alle-Baujahre-a uch-fuer-die-DCT-Version::3536 .html

1-2-3 are restricted to 60% and 6th to 82%

The reflash eliminates all that, and others, read describtion (in german)


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Interested in Adams question about tyre life. Ive got a 2016 Dct which has done just over 2.5k. On the original Bridgestone Battlewings which are just under 4mil on front and 5.5mil on rear. Going to Alps in May and reckon on doing around 2000 miles solo but loaded with luggage etc. From folks experience am I better to change tyres before I go or will they last until I get back? Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi to the group,

I am just about to take the plunge and buy a CT, is there anything I should be wary of ?

Manual or Auto?

Strange question, I will be using it to ride to Italy so, what tyre life are you all getting?

Many thanks!!


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We are looking for 4 or 5 riders to join us for a long weekend of pure adrenalin in south Morocco in AGADIR for a 3 days tour!

Looking at the first or second week of December 2015.

if you are interested please let me know what week would suit you best, and I can have a look at flights available.

the Cost will be 200 euros per rider per day, this will include your bike, guiding and hotel and breakfast

bikes are 450 cc KTM or Yamaha WRF, 2007 models

Only 4 places left !!

You can write on this thread or contact me direct on 07891862588 for more information


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Qualsiasi introduzione non sarà abbastanza per descrivere questo viaggio che partendo da Santiago del Cile termina a Lima unendo in un itinerario caleidoscopico le bellezze di una vasta zona del Sud America.

Vivremo luoghi mitici della storia come il Machu Picchu, attraverseremo paesaggi meravigliosi che non avremo mai immaginato come le lagune colorate e gli sconfinati salar, incontreremo gente sorridente e dignitosa, saliremo a quote vertiginose fino ai 4800 metri del paso de Agua Negra e decine di altri passi sopra ai fatidici 4000 in sella alla nostra moto.

Il viaggio è ben collaudato, tutte le strutture sono più che ottime tranne una, ma di meglio non c’è... DURATA: 23gg

ITINERARIO:http://www.macedoniaadventures .com/index.php?section=dettagl io_viaggio&scheda=aggiuntiva&i d=70&cl=1&ct=0&lv=0&pc=0#titol o

*Il viaggio è per sole moto spedite o noleggiate dall’Italia, in quanto logisticamente non è possibile il noleggio. #VieniConNOi!


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The ct forum is now introducing:

"free Bed and Breakfast" for CT members from CT member forums!!!

What we are proposing is to give a bed for the night for anyone who is part of the CTforum so if you ever pass or travel near a CT member house and you need a bed for the night you will have the possibility to park your bike in a safe place and have a nice clean bed for the night and maybe just maybe a local bike tour ride from the member!!!

if you are interested in this please write down on this thread (post)

only pm the member directly do not post your adress directly on this post, but if you want to join the skim please post here what town and country you are in! with thanks


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Okay, first day into the Alps with my new bike. 555,9km and 4 passes (did not get more because of the snow and winter closures). What started with minor uncertainties (Travel-Enduro vs. Allrounder, heavy weight, dual clutches, automatic drive) turned out to be real love. The weight turns out to be irrelevant. You simply don't feel it. The design is perfect and every match to an Allrounder like my former CBF1000. Regarding gearshift I had to rethink about my habits. D-mode simply isn't for me. Shift's up too soon and down too late. S-mode is perfectly suited for country roads and brings fun to riding. But when it comes to montains, with steep and narrow curves and turns, automatic drive is a goner. You have to turn to manual shift mode and that's where the real fun is. DCT shifts so beautifully soft, shfiting gears is no big deal even at the crest of the most narrow turn. I tried it today, several times and then some more - even at the stability limit of the bike :) Wow! The Power, capacity and smoothness of this bike makes your heart beat faster and brings the grin on your face to the max. A perfect first day in the Alps! #Crosstourer #Honda


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On Saturday when it was fine,


se ven CT gathered.


In Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka-Prefecture, JAPAN.(2014/03/22)


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TT race Isle of Man, CT tour 2 days if you would like to come for this please book your ferry ticket as


Mon 26-MAY-14 14:15pm Arr 17:45pm Wed 28-MAY-14 08:00am Arr 11:30am


CheckIn By * 26-MAY-14 12:45pm CheckIn By * 28-MAY-14 07:15am


2 Adults 2 Adults


Vehicle Inc 2 Adult 364.00 FARE TOTAL 364.00ST





Please find above details of your booking.

Arrival times are approximate and subject to tidal and weather conditions.

This is your travel ticket and should be presented at check-in

For details of our latest special offers, departure and destination

information, please visit our website, alternatively

for further information call our reservations team on 08722 992 992

Steam Packet recommend passengers obtain personal travel insurance.

Thank you for choosing to travel with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Imperial Buildings


Isle of Man


Port Details for SatNav systems are Heysham Port, Lancs LA3 2XE


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New Givi touring screen fitted tonight . Its 19cm taller than the standard, but as I found out can only be fitted in the lower position {which gains you 15cm ,as the slots are 4cm apart } as in full lock the mirror stems foul on the screen , which also inhibits the ability to use the steering lock.

I don't like looking through a screen or I would have bought a G-Wing ;-) I just need a bit less wind noise , to hear the intercom better at high speeds , and the sat-nav sat on the back ,telling me that I've missed the turning :-O


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So today I've fitted these, for those who have not heard of or ever seen them they are called Grip Puppies and are installed over your bikes original grips. Personally I found the CT grips a little narrower than those on my other bikes and I like a wider feel and as they are spongy they help reduce any vibrations felt through the bars. They work fine with heated grips, it takes a tiny little bit longer to heat up but once heated you wouldn't notice any difference. The bike feels a lot more comfy now I have these on. They cost anywhere between £12 & £15 delivered from eBay ;-)


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Wishing all members of this F/B page a very happy & safe new year

It was a year ago today that I told my wife that I was considering swapping my bike for a CT DCT, while sat in a supermarket cafe, and then searching her smart phone to see what there was for sale.

It's funny how things work out , as I tried to phone Grantham Honda to see if they were open to show my wife one in the metal . As the excitement was already kicking in about the prospect of the DCT to ease my tendonitis trouble in my arm while riding a bike. I was disappointed when I got no answer from Grantham. No surprise I thought as it was new years day , but if I had only phoned the bike sales number and not the general number for the dealer switch board, I would have found that they were actually open for bike sales.

If I had gone down to see them ,I had already seen a S/H black DCT which they had in with all the extra's fitted ( heated grips,tall screen,center stand, hugger,Akraprovic exhaust) It might have been enough to sign on the dotted line there and then, and I then wouldn't have seen my first black special edition

It was good to meet a few of the members of the forum last year, and receive advice from others . Hopefully I'll get to meet more of you guys this year. :

Rob. ( Saxon747 from the forum)


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Fellow Ct riders and potential owners - do not give in to public opinion that suggests the CT is not suitable for rugged off-road (let's be clear it is not an endure bike) However, it is very capable, tyre choice is critical and as is riding to your capabilities - find riders with off-road experience and ride with them, most guys are more than willing to help / advise less experienced riders, we all started at the beginning.... Falling off or dropping your CT is inevitable, so protect your bike and yourself.


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So today I've fitted a new " Arrow" Carbon/Aluminium end can.

Positives are a nice sound, looks great, light weight and easy to fit.

Negatives are no extra long bolt supplied to allow the fitting of the actual end can to rear mount (had to raid my tool box for suitable nut and bolt), very loud without baffles so they are staying in, but the worst of all is that the OE centre stand has had to come off. With it on the link pipe is rubbing on it.

Not too worried about that final point as I rarely use the stand but thought others might want to know before parting with £300:00 for similar system.

So Im happy with it overall and saved about 10kgs in weight with loosing the old exhaust and centre stand ;-)


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I know there are a few members on here like myself who bought their CT's from Grantham Honda, plus others who are are within a short stab of there. It has been mentioned before about a meeting over a coffee and bacon roll at G'thm Honda, so I thought I would ask If anyone was interested in putting faces to names this side of xmas ?

No set dates. I am pretty flexible at the moment.

This post does not feature on other forms of social media :164:

Ok , so I told a little porky ;-)

Maybe this Sat/Sunday ?


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J'ai besoin de votre avis !!!! Cela fait deux fois que j'ai ma roue avant qui décroche sur route mouillée .

- Monte origine ...Pneus Brig 501/502

- on roulait en duo

J'avais ce type de pneu sur mon varadéro et je n'ai jamais eu ce souci .....avez vous déjà eu ce genre de choses avec ces pneus ......avez vous des conseils ? Je n'ai plus confiance en ses pneus , je suis décidé sur des PR3 ..


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Honda cross tourer owners, general chat, meetings, trips, and any general chat re. the CrossTourer

welcome to the cross tourer fb forum group, please only invite cross tourer owners for this group!

This is a close group only cross tourer riders please.

you can advertise cross tourer items, post links, ext ...but only related to this bike

We want to try avoiding spams and none related thread not concerning the CT with thanks

Any idea please fwd these through a thread or direct to the administrator, have fun and welcome