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Hi all,

Anybody out there with a poor paint finish on their radiator?

Just had mine replaced under warranty and the replacement one is exactly the same.

While at the dealers, I checked a used Crosstourer and that was the same too.

It looks like Honda are not preparing the radiators properly prior to painting or powder coating, resulting in a patchy and uneven finish.

The three radiators I've seen are marked in the same places, suggesting something going on in the factory.

Any thoughts before I contact Honda UK?

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    Hi people I was wondering if anyone knows about part numbers or after market... — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    Hi people, I was wondering if anyone knows about part numbers or after market kits for the fairing. I have a bolt that I need to cut off. I'm sure that's going to be fun. It is the fairing bolt that screws into the tank lug. The clip has snapped and I have no idea how I can grip that to get the bolt out, so cutting the head of and removing the fairing right side seems my only option. Once the fairing is off, I'm sure it'll make life easier. If anyone has had the same issue or can recommend another solution, that'll be amazing, if not a part number so I can order the new bolt and clip, or a more practical after market solution. Many thanks. I need to remove the fairing as I have purchased a Innovv camera system, also recommended from you guys. Thanks

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      Photos from Jamie Clare's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

      Right guys.... its with a sad heart I have to say I'm leaving the CT fold. After a very poor customer service issue I didn't think Honda deserved my custom... in the short term anyway. I loved my first CT but couldn't quite get excited about the second with the issues I had. The bike was faultless but the support wasn't. Adam knows what I'm on about.

      So here is my new ride and I'll keep popping in every now and again to check on your adventures.

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        Viajar de Moto — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

        *Viajar de Moto*

        "Creio que o grande "trunfo" de viajar de motocicleta é estar a milhares de kms de casa, e olhar para este pequeno veículo com algumas bagagens e dizer para sí mesmo:

        " Isso é o que nos trouxe até aqui! Isso nos leva onde quisermos!"

        Mas, além disso, viajar de moto é se dar conta, ou certificar-se, que precisamos de muito pouco para sermos felizes.

        Viajar de moto é se dar conta que temos muita coisa que não precisamos. Muita coisa supérflua que as vezes valorizamos demais.

        Viajar de moto é planejar, pesquisar, e depois na hora descobrir que existe outro caminho. É descobrir que você vai se virar na estrada, e vai rir do que der errado.

        É estar num lugar estranho e ser cercado por pessoas estranhas que lhe tratam bem sem nunca terem lhe visto, perguntando pra onde vai e de onde veio.

        É descobrir que tanta gente que mesmo que não ande de moto, gosta e curte isso que você faz.

        É abrir mão do conforto de outro tipo de viagem que talvez seria mais barata levando em conta todo equipamento e gastos com a moto, para sentir na pele ( sentir, não sofrer) o frio, o calor, o vento, a maresia, a poeira...

        Sentir, isso é o que queremos, e precisamos. Sentir que estamos vivos!"

        (Autor desconhecido)

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          Hi Crosstourer s and pillions I would appreciate some help I have a Spa... — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

          Hi Crosstourer's and pillions, I would appreciate some help. I have a Spa Autocom system with additional bluetooth module, for rider and pillion. Before the whole forum says, bluetooth, bluetooth, I must explain that Mandy and I changed to Autocom as we have suffered bluetooth headsets for a number of years. 3 pairs of Interphones where conversation became impossible due to loose connections and background noise, after a few months. 2 Cardo's where they just suffered background noise after a few months and a Senna where the flimsy boom attaching the mike (aka thin wire) became detached.

          The hard wired, autocom system has never failed us, on my last two GS's. My Honda Distributor has been brilliant and everything other than the autocom, has been fitted perfectly. When I contacted them regarding the autocom, I was advised that they normally just transfer it from bike to bike. So unfortunately they have not had the benefit of hind sight.

          I have supplied them with a new Deluxe fitting kit from Autocom, which I suspect has an issue with Honda plastic. Do any of you have Autocom fitted? If so where are the rubber headset socket mounts fitted? My brand new ones, fitted by my Honda specialist have fallen off.

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            Photos from Erik Saeys's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

            Anybody else mounted the Vfr F wider wheels or DN01 wheels on their CT?

            Wanna see more pics :)

            Also, who has tried this ECU flash?

            https://www.kainzinger.com/vfr1200/crosstourer-hon da-vfr-1200-x-tuning/index.html

            https://www.oehlins.info/ECU-Flash-Tuning-fuer-Hon da-VFR-1200-Steuergeraet-alle-Baujahre-auch-fuer-d ie-DCT-Version::3536.html

            1-2-3 are restricted to 60% and 6th to 82%

            The reflash eliminates all that, and others, read describtion (in german)

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              Interested in Adams question about tyre life Ive got a 2016 Dct which has done... — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

              Interested in Adams question about tyre life. Ive got a 2016 Dct which has done just over 2.5k. On the original Bridgestone Battlewings which are just under 4mil on front and 5.5mil on rear. Going to Alps in May and reckon on doing around 2000 miles solo but loaded with luggage etc. From folks experience am I better to change tyres before I go or will they last until I get back? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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                buongiorno a tutti una info io ho il bauletto originale della travel edition e... — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

                buongiorno a tutti,una info.io ho il bauletto originale della travel edition e vorrei prendere quello da 45 lt..e so che costa un mondo,ma non ho voglia di mettere una piastra per classico bauletto givi ad esempio.La domanda è conoscete un modello aftermarket che usi l'attacco originale honda?grazie a tutti

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                  First ride on my new DCT on wet muddy roads in rural Lincolnshire This would... — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

                  First ride on my new DCT on wet, muddy roads in rural Lincolnshire. This would never of been possible without the invaluable help from my mate Andy McManus, who assisted me boarding/unboarding the bike and maneuvering it, thanks Andy. Gear changes were spot on using the manual buttons although it felt a bit strange not having a clutch or gear changer. It handles as well, if not better than my GS in the wet, sticking to the tarmac like glue. Looking forward to trying it on a dry sunny day - I love it :-)

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                    Andrea Marrara shared Gabriele Zabatino's photo to the group: Honda CrossTourer Group Forum. — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

                    come promessomi ho avuto il piacere di rappresentare il gruppo Crosstourer anche al MotorBikeExpo di Verona con lo scatto che mi è stato dedicato in rappresentazione di un Rally che si terrà il 3-4 giugno prossimi proprio sulle pendici dell'Etna e per incorniciare questo momento al meglio l'icona delle precedenti Rally Dakariani il grande Ciro de Petri.

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                      Hello — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum


                      Merci de m'avoir accepté du coup je vous présente la Minette fraîchement achetée en Juillet après avoir quitté Paris pour Marseille et après 15 ans d'arrêt de moto cause la conduite un peu dangereuse autour de la capitale !!

                      Meilleurs voeux à tous

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