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FOR SALE 1 Motorcycle Live Ticket Hi all. I bought a large group of tickets for motorcycle live that starts today and runs to the 6th December however one member is not able to make it due to illness. I get them at reduced price as a group so I am selling this spare ticket at what it cost me. £15.00 and I will deliver or meet locally to blackpool marton area. They retail on the site at £17.50 plus card charges so a saving of about 4 quid. Message me here if you are intrested.


Paul Johnson

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    So, this guy pulls out in front of a bus in a golf and then in front of me, I hit back brakes but realised I wouldn't stop, hit front and just just stopped but lost my balance and fell over. Pannier took the brunt of impact, paint off handlebar end and broke the hand wind shield. Police said he was in the wrong. My question it worth pursuing to get fixed by insurance or is more headache? I walked away unscathed so maybe that's why I'm not bothered...feel more blessed than anything. What do you guys reckon? Bike hardly has a scratch but should I live with it?

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      Help needed....

      Just had a call from my insurance company, who have told me that while the Bike is covered for Social , Domestic & Pleasure plus commuting and business use. My personal accident cover only covers me for Social , Domestic & Pleasure!!!!!

      Can anybody recommend a company that will just provide the personal accident cover for what I actually need?

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        And yes, ladies and gentlemen. The video of my trip this year.

        I have divided this video in three parts. A part with France and Corsica, then Italy and finally Austria.

        In Part 1 and 2, I drove with my "motorcycle girlfriend", in part three, some friends came over so we were with five.

        Enjoy these videos.

        Part 1: France and Corsica:

        Part 2: Volterra and Lake Garda:

        Part 3: Austria:

        And for those who can't get enough, here the journey from last year, the Route des Grandes Alpes and Vercors.

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          I picked up my white 2012 a few weeks back, but I haven't ridden it much as it was overdue a service, which has now been done. Next step is to sort out the electrics - heated grips, sat-nav feed and a decent horn and add a few accessories - pannier mounts so I can use my Givis and decent handguards, the standard ones, are near useless. It shares garage space with my Yamaha TDM900 and my restoration project; a 1990 Yamaha XTZ750, but restoration is slow due to lack of garage space :-) .

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