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Career Opportunity - Trade Qualified Motorcycle Mechanic


We require the services of a trade qualified motorcycle mechanic (MUST BE TRADE QUALIFIED) to work in our busy Mareeba dealership, working in a small but well equipped workshop. Must have good diagnostic skills and can work independently or within a small team. Must have their own tools and a current licence. A variety of work is conducted covering most makes and models, engine rebuilds, suspension rebuilds and set ups, tyres and general service work carried out on all small engine and motorcycle equipment. Previous work with HONDA equipment will be highly reputable. All applications will be treated in strict confidence, please send a copy of your resume and trade qualified motorcycle mechanic certificate. If you are willing to relocate and are suitable for the position assistance with housing will be provided.

Job Type: Full-time, Salary: $50,000.00 /year, Job Location: Mareeba QLD 4880, Required education: Diploma/Certificate, Required experience: Trade Qualified Motorcycle Mechanic: 5 years, Required language: English, Required licence or certification: C Class Driver Licence

Email applications to –

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Free Rally for Drinkers that have a Motorcycle Problem — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Free Rally for Drinkers that have a Motorcycle Problem ,

( to replace the one Debbie washed out.)

The rally site is Handlebar Haven Kilkiven, 60 km west of Gympie S.E. Qld.

its a 24/7 free motorcycle camp ground with basic amenities.

2 & 3 wheels only, no cars

Dinner sat & breakie sunday provided .. please donate to cover costs

Please click "GOING" or pm us so we can cater

BYO camping gear, torch, munchies & chilled attitude

Shuttle to the pub for grog etc late sat arvo

Music, bonfire & open mike.

Live band "RELIC".

Please respect this private off grid property

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    Has anyone attempted or even looked at the idea of putting an NBC110 FI engine... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Has anyone attempted or even looked at the idea of putting an NBC110 FI engine into one of the CT110 frames? I know it would take some work but I am tossing around a few ideas engine wise for our postie bikes. I like the idea of fuel injection for mountains etc as we have been experiencing the associated carb issues with altitude on our posties, spending a fair bit of time over 3000mts these days.

    So these are my current ideas :

    Stick with the Lifan 125cc engines (40 000 kms and counting)

    ATC125M engines (has Hi/Lo range and is Honda)

    NBC110 (fuel injection)


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      Cleanout for the new year — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

      Cleanout for the new year!

      Grab a bargain.

      Model 1990 to 2001.

      Lots of used OEM parts for the Famous Honda Postie Ct 110.

      Selling from $10 and up.

      From stands to wiring looms.


      >>Su spension.

      >>Engine parts.

      >>Frame parts. (crashbars etc)

      >>Lights and turnsignals.

      >>Handle bars and switches.

      >>Tyres and white walls. (new)

      Etc, etc.

      Can send parts through all Australia via Auspost.

      Will Bulk sell it ALL for a negotiating Price, only on Pickup here in the Clare Valley.

      Give me a call or msg.

      Mikes Motorbikes

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        Fabian Fischer shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

        Now this this - now hear this!

        I have placed more kilometres on the Warrick Penfold big bore kitted CT110, and can report that the engine seems to be ever so slightly gaining power.

        I was tickled pink today when coming through Silvan, making my way past the fruit company and IXL jam factory. At the bottom of the hill and upon my ascent to the top (heading towards Mt Evelyn) i was sitting on 70 k/ph. At the start of the uphill gradient, i nailed the throttle and the postie bike held 70 k/ph; slowly gaining speed to 75 k/ph by the top of the hill; in top gear, with a 16-40 final drive ratio.

        This is in stark contrast to the standard bore-standard piston which had me starting the uphill climb at 80 k/ph and at the top of the hill i was doing 65 k/ph.

        At this point in time I'm feeling so smug that it's difficult to keep my Jeremy Clarkson "smugness" under control:

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          Achtung Achtung. The results are in. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

          ***Achtung - Achtung. The results are in.***

          I have put approximately 50 kilometres on Warrick Penfold's big bore kit and i can say that it's been a stunning success.

          The improvement in low and midrange torque (with an optimally jetted standard carburettor and standard exhaust) has been impressively good.

          My dyno road is Mt Dandenong Tourist Road. Previously my totally stock standard engine, exhaust and optimally jetted standard carburettor gave a max top speed of 60 k/ph in third gear.

          With Warrick Penfold's big bore kit, the CT110 now holds 60 k/ph in 4th gear with final drive gearing of 16/40

          It gets better on the flat.

          Previously the bike would give 75 k/ph sitting prone in top gear. Now the bike gives 85 k/ph.

          Going from previous results (prior to big bore kit installation), there was a 15 k/ph difference between sitting prone and going full aero, allowing the bike to hit 90 k/ph on the freeway - just.

          Now the bike will have no problem hitting 100 k/ph, but that's not the full story.

          With an optimally jetted standard carburettor and standard exhaust, the big bore kit gives significantly improved acceleration, allowing you to stay in top gear from 40 k/ph to max speed.

          The extra low and midrange torque is night and day difference from the standard bore - standard piston CT 110.

          I am sure that the cheap Chinese flat top piston big bore kits will not produce the same level of torque improvement compared to Warrick Penfold's high compression big bore piston. It's definitely worth the money in my opinion.

          Can't wait to do top gear roll-on acceleration tests with other postie bikes that have been tickled-up.

          Can't stop loving the improved low and midrange torque - makes my naughty bits go all twitchy when whacking open the throttle in top gear :-)

          Credit must go to Johnny Bear McFarlane for expertly assembling the big bore kit and other replacement parts.

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            Dale Harvey shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

            In 16 weeks and 7 hours we will be leaving Tassie to get our Postie bikes to Cairns to begin last leg of our ride to the Cape. We are self funded. We are all booked and paid for. All we ask is for the support of the motorcycle community in Tasmania to raise funds for the great people at Whitelion and the kids they help. Our GoFundMe me campaign has been going now for 7 months and only one person from outside our group has donated. "Really"! I thought riders had big hearts when it comes to kids? No there's no poker run, no toy run involved here. The only way you get anything out of this is to donate. If you like the idea don't just click Like... click donate and ALL monies raised go straight to Whitelion. And no sorry we don't have room for any more riders. Lets show Tassie how much riders really care. Cheers

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              860 worth of brand new and genuine CT110 Honda parts selling for 550 ono — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

              $860 worth of brand new and genuine CT110 Honda parts selling for $550 ono!

              Parts and part numbers as follows:

              • Connecting Rod / 13201-459-310

              • Crank Pin / 13381-459-300

              • Piston std / 13101-459-000

              • Mainshaft 3rd gear 21t / 23451-968-000

              • Mainshaft 2nd gear 18t / 23431-459-010

              • Cam Chain / 14401-459-003

              • Timing Sprocket 15t / 14311-071-000

              • Camshaft Valve / 14721-459-000

              • Radial Ball Bearing / 91001-071-003

              • Roller Cam Chain Guide / 14610-105-691

              • Pin Piston / 13111-384-000

              • Tensioner adjusting bolt / 14561-086-010

              • Oil Seal / 91201-028-005

              • Oil Seal 20x37x7 / 91201-459-013

              • Seal Valve System x2 / 12208-413-003

              • Piston Clip 15mm x2 / 94601-15000

              Can post anywhere in Aus

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                Maybe an odd question but how far are people pushing the limits of their ct in... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                Maybe an odd question but how far are people pushing the limits of their ct in the wet and what tyres are you running? The recent downpour in syd had me forgetting what wet weather riding was and genuinely got spooked not being able to see a thing today. Ive been down in the wet before so its not something new, just found myself really really upright taking corners when the past 7 months ive been valentino on cocaine in the dry. How much do you trust your ride not to slip out like a tour de france rider?

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                  Photos from Todd Supertramp's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                  I know this isn't a cub group but I've got an extra custom seat that fits a cub (and postie), some cub spares and a legshield for sale... and postie engine guard / rear rack.. and a lifan 125 . Located gc

                  Prices are rough and open to higher or lower offers. I'm not sure of the prices here in oz.

                  Seat - 150 (hand made quality material) fits any cub/ct110 but may require drilling of the seat post - to be widened - non destructive.

                  Stock seat - offers accepted, good, came off a late 6v c90, can supply rear latch as well.

                  Leg shield - 120. Not one scratch or yellowing on plastic. Universal fit but check before you pull the trigger. Same shield as the cheap U.K. Shields that cost around 150 to land but better quality.

                  Racks - make an offer, good chrome, could do with a aluminum foil scrub...

                  Good fender can be welded on to any cub/ct to fix a clapped rusted one, or used to extend.

                  Handlebars for late 6v - offer

                  Lifan - maybe a hundred? Has broken stud on exhaust but it runs fine and has no issues

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                    For sale 2200 — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                    For sale $2200

                    2007 ct110

                    * Brand new Millas 275 whitewall tyres

                    * Straight through exhaust

                    * Unifilter angle air filter

                    * 15 tooth front sprocket

                    * Oversized brakes

                    * Blacked out blinkers

                    * Kitako 280mm rear shocks

                    * Kitako polished gear lever

                    * Kitako brake lever

                    * Protaper bars

                    * Pro taper waffle grips

                    * Polished motor (will need another polish)

                    Starts first kick every time, all lights and brakes work. Always has been looked after.

                    Recently had service, new tyres, new oil, and new brakes. Also will throw in another motor and parts.

                    (Please share)

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                      This is my 1984 Honda CT110 military inspired restomod it s not perfect and... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                      This is my 1984 Honda CT110 military inspired restomod, it's not perfect and that's totally ok with me. I got it a little over a month ago and have been fixing it up. This is my first bike and it is just a blast to ride.

                      Before picture in the comments.

                      I still need a headlight, tail light, battery box internals, ignition switch, speedo cable and I'd like to figure out a way to mount an ammo box for storage.

                      Things I have done so far: repair seat foam/ new seat cover, new front and rear sprocket, new chain, new fuel lines, new brakes, new rear shocks, new air filter, new fork seals/ oil.

                      Robbed the headlight mounts, front fender, down tube cover and swing arm from a CT90.

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                        Photos from Stephen Popescu's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                        G'day everybody :) replacing my first carburettor on a 2011 ct110 and I stupidly didn't note where the air vent (top of carby) and overflow (bottom of carby tubes) are supposed to hook up to on the bike, if anywhere. Also noted this loose hose near the shifter that is kind of loose - looks like a breather but might not be. Could anybody please assist?

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                          STOLEN — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum


                          I had my postie stolen from my underground carpark in Wollongong mid last week between the 6th and 8th January. Unfortunately I have no recent photos but it had the following features:

                          2010 model with ~32,000 km, the number plate was NIV80. It had low rise pro taper handle bars, 2x LED front head lights, only the right rear view mirror and an old ammunition case attached underneath the the rear rack.

                          Any help greatly appreciated and reward given.


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                            Alrighty fellas — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                            Alrighty fellas

                            Have some issues with the postie won't Idle , I recently installed a second XR tank and found the bike wouldn't idle and will only kick over with some throttle or choke. I just cleaned the carby as I figured it would have been something blocking one of the jets but still have the same problem.

                            Any ideas to what the issue is?

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                              Saturday 4th of febuary — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                              Saturday 4th of febuary.

                              Fundraiser to help Scott Britnell get to the Dakar 2018

                              Please help by shareing far and wide, its going to be a great night,

                              Scott will be there, and he will have the factory KTM with him.

                              Stuart Ball from the GAR will also be leading the ride here from Samford on saturday,

                              if you can help with prizes for raffles and auctions that will be mucho appreciated.

                              Thanks to David Breedon who donated a 2 day canoe trip for 4 people , on the Murray River.

                              Thanks to Graham Strang frome - Australian Moto Gear & Clothing. for a $ 50.00 voucher.

                              The Inferdelz Band and 4 String Phil will be playing.

                              Nice write up on Scott.


                              Please let us know your comeing so we can cater for the numbers.....

                              if you cant come, ( ya better have a good excuse.) you can still help Scott here.


                              infor on the venue.


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                                Salatan Mario Cabanag shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                                WIFI PASSWORD CRACKER


                                NAPULOT KO LANG SA KABILANG GROUP.

                                ETO PALA YUNG ORIG FILE.

                                PANG HACK PO NG WIFI NG KAPITBAHAY NYO..

                                NATRY KO NA TO. GUMAGANA NMN SYA..

                                MADALI LANG DIN GAMITIN..





                                INSTALL LANG

                                TAPOS OPEN MO

                                BUKSAN MO WIFI MO

                                AT CLICK ACTIVATE

                                MAKIKITA ANG MGA LISTAHAN NG MGA WIFI SA PALIGID MO..

                                CLICK KA NG ISANG WIFI NA GUSTO MO MAG CONNECT

                                ANTAYIN LANG MATAPOS ANG HACKING

                                AT CLICK CONNECT

                                AT CONNETED NA..



                                PAKIUSAP LANG PO

                                WAG SANA IBENTA ANG APP..

                                AT WAG PAGKITAAN..

                                GINAWA TO PARA MAKALIBRE..


                                DOWNLOAD LINK



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                                  G day guys. Does anyone have a picture of a wiring diagram for a 12v postie — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

                                  G'day guys. Does anyone have a picture of a wiring diagram for a 12v postie. My postie hasnt got a spark but im using a low voltage tester and i have found that there is power to other components like the brake switch and ignition when the key is on but not to the coil pack. Is there meant to be? The battery is brand new and the coil pack is less then 6 months old. Also there is no spark from the spark plug. I have tried other spark plugs to. Can anybody please shed some light on these things. Cheers

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