Honda designed VTR 250 model will be a super powerful bike model in the Indian...

- Honda designed VTR 250 model will be a super powerful bike model in the Indian Two-wheeler Market 250 cc range. It will have the latest & advanced engine displacement over a single cylinder four stroke engine. This engine configured with Liquid Cooling Technology for better fuel efficiency & proper engine performance. This 249 cc displacement with petrol fuel consumption produces 30 BHP power & 22 Newton meter torque as its maximum level of performance on the road.

  • This is Honda cbr250 engine....single cylinder and produces 25bhp....

  • Rob that engine you posted is not a VTR one its a single from the looks of it, the VTR (Vee Twin racing) requires a Vee configuration to carry the Title

  • Plus the VTR 250 has been going a long time...

  • I know, but this came from the website where they made the story and the pics !

  • looks like some one unskilled has a made a poor mock up, doest look like a press realise from Honda,

  • Screw the 250 make a new 1000 !! A rc 51 with hrc colors would be nice and a single sided swingarm ooooooooo

  • it wouldn't be a 1000 Mitch it would be a 1200 if they ever made a racing Twin again, or what ever racing regulations allows at the time of production, as much as i love the twin i cant see Honda racing one again if anything they will build a V4 1000 racer and go after the RSV4 and tout that along side the fireblade but i would ecpect the V4 to command a price tag

  • :(

  • i had a v4 engine that was like a swiss time piece in its perfection that was so much fun to ride if they made a 1200 version of that i would have to get one

  • Honda don't need to bring out any more like the others. What they had/have already is dam good