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Hi All,

So picked up my new toy yesterday. :) I charged the battery since I suspected it was up to optimum but the start / stop system is not working....

Unfortunately I have no user manual yet, since they 'misplaced' it so can't really check what going on.

When I turn the switch on, a green dash light comes on and the same light turns off after a few seconds.....when I stop in traffic the bike stays on....I tried stopping and leaving both breaks applied, leaving just the left, leaving just the right, but the start stop doesn't work.

What can be the issue?

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I want you opinion don t you think that for 4399 pounds for the 2017 model... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

I want you opinion: don't you think that for 4399 pounds for the 2017 model they have to give AT LEAST 2 keys?

That's what happened today. I've lost the smart key in central London, I've called the Honda dealer, Dobles they said come here and we'll sort it out. 15 miles to go there and they didn't have any smart key! 112 pounds for an extra key and 172 for two extra key.

I think every motorbike you can buy has at least two keys, not the forza 125.


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    My only ride since October was a 60 miler on 7th March The scooter started up... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

    My only ride since October was a 60 miler on 7th March. The scooter started up for that ride but only just. Just got kitted up to go out for today and the battery is as flat as a pancake. I've got her on the Ctek charger at the moment but am a little worried. Anyone else experienced trouble with a battery after a winter layoff?

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      Photos from Nick Whetstone's post — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

      I know - 'cast not a clout till May is out', but look at the temperature this afternoon when I combined a ride with a climb (on foot) in the Mendip hills.

      I have now done well over 100 miles on the new tyres (Citygrips) and the Forza is almost a different beast with them fitted. It seems to be much surer-footed, and responds quicker to steering and leaning. I feel 100% more confident with these tyres than the old 'standards'.

      By the time that I got home around an hour after taking the picture of the thermometer, it was back down to 10 degrees, and the humidity was over 80% as a mist rolled in off the sea.

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        I m currently very tempted to go for the MY2016 Integra. MY2014 pictured — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

        I'm currently very tempted to go for the MY2016+ Integra (MY2014 pictured.) Honda let me "borrow" one while my S-Wing was waiting for parts a few years ago, and I convinced myself then that I couldn't do without the under seat storage, give way about 30mpg and that I didn't "need" a 700cc. When I finally gave it back and got on my S-Wing, I thought it had broke as there was no oomph when I pulled away and nearly dropped it.

        Now the MY2016/17 Integra has better DCT software, smoother ride and above all, I find myself in the unique position of actually having the cash (with he Forza trade in), it's become exceedingly tempting...

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          I ve a dead cell in my battery and so need a replacement The tell tale signs... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

          I've a dead cell in my battery and so need a replacement. The tell tale signs are a less than healthy start, heated grips not getting as hot as they should and the Idling Stop system refusing to work.

          Thankfully the engine is so sweet, that it requires almost no current to spring to life, in fact, I reckon it would start with a PP9 and two AA's if shove come to push - Now there's an idea...

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            Thanks for letting me join I have a blue white Forza which is used for... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

            Thanks for letting me join. I have a blue/white Forza which is used for commuting in and out of Bristol - about 12 miles each way. Had the bike since August sand done about 1500 miles. The bike is fairly standard just added a thermometer dial so I know when it could be icy. Will be keeping an eye out for maintenance tips etc and will share any good or bad experiences I have.

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              Took bike off stand this morning and my back tiring was totally flat I could... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

              Took bike off stand this morning and my back tiring was totally flat I could even push it down decides to try using the slim stuff but I was unable to get the core out of the back tire is it possible to remove the core out of the extended arm of the back tire I am thinking to go and get a core remover from Halford tomorrow as one with skin is plastic and it wouldn't remove it just broke managed to pump tire up with my compressor had a 5 min ride and pressure dropped to 27, at the moment I don't have time to replace my tires the new tires sitting in my shed ready for me to replace them

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                I used to have a White S wing 125 and loved it The mirrors were fine apart... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                I used to have a White S-wing 125 and loved it. The mirrors were fine apart from the rubber casing(they were a bit naff) I liked the way the seat opened(away from you) also the under seat carpet and light and also the remote controlled ignition key where I could open the seat and fuel lid. I wish these could have been included with the Forza 125. Which parts of your old bikes would you guys like on your Forsa's?

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                  Hey guys hope you are all well — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                  Hey guys, hope you are all well.

                  My oil change light came up today.

                  I did a service on 4000miles and the bike now is on 5550 miles. After 30 min ride you can feel a strong smell like burned something recently.

                  I will go and change it but any ideas why this might have happen and did anyone else had similar issue ?


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                    Adrian Davies shared a link to the group: Honda Forza 125 Club UK. — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                    Two of my favourite bike related youtube channels, relevant to all bikes. Anyone got their favourites? Like and subscribe;

                    1/ Delboy and Penny at Delboys Garage. Entertaining one or two videos a week on many common issues with bikes and riding. Excellent for beginner or experienced. Can't recommend him enough. Currently building a custom bike but as with all these channels check out their libraries. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOXDrrwQRZqOQ3iUC XN12rw

                    2/ James Wright Roberts, Professional mobile mechanic. Not many videos but entertaining with good advice and some quirky issues hes dealt with. The man you call when the bike shop mechanic can't fix it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Dkh7gJu0BFw1kR9 naG6Kg

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                      Tim Overall shared a link to the group: Honda Forza 125 Club UK. — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                      Well , for the 3rd time since I bought my Forza (Nov 2015) the centre stand started to not spring back , I had to move it with my foot. I took off the stand (the easy part) , it was full dirt and grime and then replaced it but was unable to put the spring back on but I went to local dealer. I made a short video of the center stand dragging the last time it was doing this back in May. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKUk2o9L3-I Has anyone else had issues with their center stand?

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                        Hello all — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                        Hello all.

                        I have 2 questions if you can help me out.

                        1, I have seen a video on Youtube. The guy from Crewe i believe painted the lettering on his tyres. I thought it look looked really cool. So has anyone done and whats the best product to use?

                        2, What have people done about the wind noise over the screen, as anyone fitted a deflector etc or other ways of getting round it?



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                          Photos from Kristian Clements's post — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                          Ok so after a call from P&H motorcycles whilst my bike had a new tyre fitted I was told my front and rear pads where at 1mm.

                          Now the rear pads where 14,700 miles old so I knew they where pretty gone. But the fronts where changed at 10k for after market pads

                          The after market pads where snatchy so this time I ordered Honda front and back

                          Having just changed the front this is the amount of meat they had left on...... Now I'm no expert but they look about half used much more then the 1mm quoted

                          The rears on the other hand are gone but I can't figure out how to remove the pads? Has anyone changed the rears yet? It looks as if I need to split the calliper in half?

                          Anyway moral of the story is check things for your self if you have the ability too as the fronts still have a few k left in them

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                            Resposta da Honda à minha questão sobre a possibilidade se exequível da... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                            Resposta da Honda à minha questão sobre a possibilidade(se exequível) da substituição dos espelhos retrovisores do modelo 2017 para o anterior:

                            "Exmo. Senhor,

                            Acusamos a recepção do seu contacto que desde já agradecemos e que mereceu a nossa melhor atenção.

                            Relativamente à questão que nos coloca, agradecemos a V. Exa. que nos indique qual o concessionário em que comprou o seu veículo.

                            Permanecemos à sua disposição para qualquer informação adicional."

                            Julguei que fosse para saberem se o Concessionário estaria habilitado à troca...respondi onde comprei a mota.

                            Hoje recebo este email:

                            "Exmo. Senhor,

                            No seguimento do seu e-mail de 09/01/2017, vimos prestar alguns esclarecimentos.

                            Relativamente à questão que nos coloca, a Honda não recomenda nenhuma forma de modificação do seu veículo. Os veículos Honda cumprem todas as Normas Europeias de Segurança aplicáveis, aquando da sua distribuição original e as modificações podem afectar a segurança e/ou o funcionamento do veículo, bem como torná-lo não conforme às especificações legais em vigor.

                            Lamentamos que não seja possível modificar os espelhos retrovisores do seu veículo para o novo modelo mais actualizado.

                            Permanecemos, no entanto, à sua disposição para qualquer informação adicional."

                            É lógico que lhe respondi o que ele mereceu...a Honda fez o upgrade que fez, porque chegou à conclusão da MERDA que fez...e lá meteu o Key-Less para disfarçar!!

                            Eu confesso que mesmo com os minis-espelhos de angulo morto, tenho muita dificuldade...aliás, vê-se ZERO para trás (trás mesmo, não trás lateral)!!

                            A solução ser mesmo retirar os espelhos, aplicar só os piscas, e colocar espelhos da forma tradicional, junto às manetes, como a Forza 300cc ou a PCX.

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                              Sharon Herbalist Ross shared a link to the group: Honda Forza 125 Club UK. — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                              https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/improv ing-moped-and-motorcycle-training

                              PROPOSED DAS AND CBT REFORM

                              "The dvsa amongst other reforms are asking for opinions on wether riders over 24 who have held a cbt for 12 months or more should be allowed to take another Cbt on a much larger capacity machine

                              It's a 1 day course with full theory test n having completed it would then enable the rider to ride anything upto a 600cc on L plates

                              Including motorway riding once you have held a cbt on a 600cc for 2 years you can then retake the test on a 1000cc machine n if you pass the L plates are removed giving no restrictions to rider/engine size"

                              Here's a link ...have your say... I've filled it out I am fully in agreement

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                                To many bikes being stolen at the moment what advice tips or security... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                                To many bikes being stolen at the moment.what advice tips or security solutions can we give forza users to keep our bikes secure....my forza is locked in alarmed garage with ground anchor and big thick chain.also have security chain under seat for when out and about.all tips welcome to stop the scum taking our foza's.

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                                  Question maybe a slightly stupid one would having a cracked front panel... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                                  Question (maybe a slightly stupid one!): would having a cracked front panel/fairing, in places missing parts entirely pass an MOT ok? Was in an accident recently and will have to tape up the cracks and bits that have fell off altogether. The panel is secure and not in danger of coming apart. It's not exposing any electrical parts either. Basically, it wouldn't affect performance in my view. Thanks

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                                    Photos from Nick Whetstone's post — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                                    I started my Boxing Day early by getting up at 6:45, and heading off in the dark to try and catch a sunrise over Burrow Mump. It was strange for me, a, being up and about at that time of the day, and b, riding about with so little traffic.

                                    The Git 2 action cam made a decent job of recording the ride in the dark, and yes, I got a decent sunrise, and plenty of pictures when it was light.

                                    Amazingly for the time of year, I was not at all cold on the ride there or back, and not even standing around for over an hour chatting with another photographer.

                                    Here are some of the 90 odd pictures that I took, including a shot from the Git 2 on the way there..

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                                      Just had a call to say my tyre is being fitted — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

                                      Just had a call to say my tyre is being fitted

                                      They also informed me my rear pads are on 1mm (these are still the originals with over 14k on them

                                      My front are also on 1mm and these are non original pads brought from a dealer for £14

                                      They have not lasted well and tbh compared to Hondas original pads the cheap ones where naff in comparison. Very snatchy and very little feel to them

                                      So if replacing pads. Go original!

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